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6 Responses to “I think it is time to do this.”

  1. ian says:

    He seems to me, to be very naively believing in the mainstream version of politics that we are led to believe by those really in power. In reality, whoever has been elected doesn’t matter in any meaningful way anymore, as they just carry out the agendas of the “elite”. If we demonstrate, then they use the MSM to demonise us. In addition, how many in Britain for example think that the mass immigration of military age males, is good, or the controlled narratives on the fake Cv plandemic. In addition, even in the UK FFs have been used to disarm the public. It is worth noting too, that no revolution has ever happened without outside help. It you think that you are in charge, so did the white Christian Russians, 80,000,000 of whom were killed by the Bolshevik regime, think of Pol Pot, China, or how Israel deals with demonstrating Palestinians, etc etc. We are only in charge “officially”, but not actually.

    • Gordon says:

      “80,000,000 of whom were killed by the Bolshevik regime.”
      Yep! And we’re supposed to venerate a dubious figure of 6 million of another race.

      The dead don’t write the history!

    • Tapestry says:

      Generally I agree with you Ian. However occasionally it can be advantageous to organise a political party with a set objective. Take the Referendum Party which forced the major parties to adopt a referendum on the Euro as policy. That blocked the Euro. Then the rise of UKIP forced the Conservatives ultimately to switch their policy on the Euro from ‘keep for one Parliament’ to ‘keep the Pound Sterling in perpetuity’. If it wasn’t for these efforts we would be in the Euro now. At this moment where our basic freedoms are all under threat, supporting The English Democrats is the only option. There are others focusing on Freedom Of Speech but Tilbrook’s Teds have a broad range of policies thought out of twenty years and they are lawyers with long experience, and have fought and won many cases. If we want a legal system to survive vote Teds, and that will put pressure on the big parties that otherwise want us all dead. Bear up!

  2. Gordon says:

    Missing video link supplied.

    How the Bankers Rule the World – with Justin Walker