More evidence Russian High Command cut ammunition to victorious Wagners in half.

Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley: Russia Must End NATO Aggression in Ukraine Sooner Than Later
Finian Cunningham
February 25, 2023

NATO-sponsored aggression and war crimes have been going on for more than eight years since the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014.

Russell Bentley is a former U.S. soldier who has been living in the Donbass since 2014 fighting against the NATO-backed Kiev regime.

He claims that NATO troops are on the ground as mercenaries, shelling the Donbass region which is now part of the Russian Federation. He testifies that the NATO-sponsored aggression and war crimes have been going on for more than eight years since the CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014. NATO provoked the current war against Russia, says Bentley.

He believes Russia has the military power to win the war, but military leaders in Moscow are not pushing for victory as decisively as they should. The result, he says, is that the conflict is being prolonged which runs the risk of spiraling into a full-on NATO-Russia war.

Russell asks why are the Ukrainian rail lines still operating?  Russia is still exporting goods to Europe.  They come back to Ukraine with tanks and missiles and troops.  Basic military strategy is to cut the supply lines.  That still hasn’t been done.  Wagner’s ammunitions were cut down to less than half last week without explanation.  Why?  These are not mistakes.  Somebody is doing this on purpose.  Wagner has a lot of veterans from the DPR and LPR armies.  They’ve been fighting for eight years.  They move on to Wagner which pays better.  And they know the story.  These are Russell’s former comrades.  Why is Wagner being slowed down by Russian High Command?

Russell describes Russian commanders telling experienced Donbas fighters not to open fire without permission, and to account for their bullets.  Why are they being held back under threat of imprisonment?

We appreciate Russia prevented the genocide they did, but they haven’t supplied the weapons, and they’ve sidelined great commanders with commanders with shiny boots from Moscow, who are a lot less capable, and never been in a war before.  There’s clearly deals that have been made.  Russia is still selling gas through Ukrainian pipelines.  It’s very hard for the people of Donbas to understand that lives are being lost while people in Moscow are making money out of the war.

Russia cannot be defeated militarily by Ukraine or Ukraine plus NATO.  But does Russia have the political determination to wage and win a war against NATO?  Russell isn’t sure.  They send bad commanders who make mistakes and then cover up and deny their mistakes.  Cronyism.  Competition between branches of the services.  The bureaucrats and the ass-kickers don’t care except about their next promotion.  They get their stars by trading the blood of their men.  Ukraine is bombing civilians in traditional Russian territory, not only in Donbas.  Russia lets the red lines pass with no comeback against NATO, time and again.  Russia should have declared war by now (I imagine he means).

I could be wrong says Russell.  I don’t think I’m wrong.  Russia does have the capability.  It’s a war against the parasite class, the people behind the scenes – Nazis who want to enslave or kill us.


3 Responses to “More evidence Russian High Command cut ammunition to victorious Wagners in half.”

  1. ian says:

    We never hear this from the MSM.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It sounds a lot like the Nazis are in control of Russia’s High Command as well as NATO and the US. The usual cabal controlled war where a single money cabal controls all sides and orchestrates the war into being and choreographs each of its theatres. Surovikin appeared to be doing a great job. Since Gerasimov took over, things have looked less certain and dare I say corrupt. Where the hell are the Chechens? They pulverised NATO at Lysychansk and have never been seen or heard of since. The Russian navy hit back after the Moscva was attacked, hitting the RAF/USAF missile depot at Welford in England on April 14th 2022, and blowing it up. D noticed of course. A series of fires followed across Russia in retaliation the following week, and after that, the treacherous military command in Moscow took over. The Wagners are highly motivated from many countries, but will be held back if they continue winning battles as were the Chechens. NATO/US/UK want a stalemate in Donbas so they can engineer more fronts into being. The Russian regular army is not so motivated being poorly paid and the officers entirely brutal to their men.