From a Ukrainian woman to Zelensky.

“Tell me please, how can you constantly blame everyone, but not yourself? Never yourself! Everyone is always to blame, not you! What are you sitting there for? Why did you run for president of our country? To destroy our nation? Right now, that’s what it looks like!

For you, everyone else is to blame for everything. You collect all the scrap metal from all over the European Union! You make young guys who have newborn babies and pregnant wives go to the front. You changed the law, so now even sixteen year olds are conscripted, and seventeen year olds go to the hot spots. You’re even the official sponsor of fucking British scientists who dissect our guys for organs.

You bastard, your wife walks around in a 40 thousand euro raincoat, and this wasn’t even a New Year’s gift! She lies that she knows the prices in her country and claims that mackerel costs 8 hryvnia… Have some conscience, Zelensky! Haven’t you ruined everything? Are you not afraid that your children will pay for your sins?

You laugh, mock and jeer the common people, thanks to whom you became a millionaire! You’re a dollar millionaire, for fuck’s sake! Where did you get it – from the war, fucking hell, from bones! I understand that you don’t feel sorry for anyone, you bastard, but don’t you even feel sorry for your children? Just get out of Ukraine!

Take all these fuckers that you sponsored, all these Banderites… and just fuck off to Britain! People are tired of you, tired of your regime, tired of your lies, do you understand or not? You lie all the time, you brute! You’ve never told the truth! Go out now to Khreshchatyk and prove that you are in Ukraine!

Turn on the live broadcast on all social networks, kneel down, you faggot, and ask forgiveness from every mother from whom you took a son! Because you are not going to negotiate with Russia, because you are not sitting down at the negotiating table with Putin, because you are fighting until the last Ukrainian and because you are still bombing Donbass! You stinking faggot!!!”



10 Responses to “From a Ukrainian woman to Zelensky.”

  1. David 2 says:


    Strong words, are you sure that you did not write that letter?

    The hypocrisy probably applies to every political leader and perhaps every politician in the world today.

    If politicians were prepared to fight along with their families, there would be no wars. IMHO

    In fact if there were no politicians there would be no wars!


    • ian says:

      Indeed David, it appears like an English speaker might write, but I added the source. Strong words indeed.

  2. Occams says:

    ‘You get the government you deserve’

  3. ian says:

    Or the government most folks deserve Occams.

    • Tapestry says:

      No one deserves Zelensky and his CIA backers. He is a dumb act which for some reason people take seriously. His mafia style voice is put on. He is straight out of a Holywood B movie.

      • ian says:

        I agree Tap

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Me too Ian. He’s clearly just an actor who would never be near government in a real democracy

        Yes Tap, he is so obviously a puppet who is heavily promoted all the time. How can anyone think he’s credible? It’s amazing that folk do. He exposes our whole Establishment and political system as a charade too with his visits to Parliament, Sunak and even King Charlie

        Even Starmer flies into see him in Kiev. The day after he bans Corbyn from Labour for ever. His flight to Kiev just confirms that the TriLateralist Starmer is a total wrong un, and on the bad guys payroll Labour? Do me a favour that nonentity never broke sweat in his life!

        All Wars are bankers Wars. Always were and always will be. Which normal person EVER wants war?

  4. Gordon says:

    The letter is showing what Zelensky truly is. A total psychopath.
    How people can’t see through this guy is beyond comprehension.

    • ian says:

      Exactly right Gordon. It just shows though, how controlled the political system is. We can see him for what he is, but the politicians can’t?

      • Gordon says:

        Great photo Ian showing that it’s all a game to him. He’ll shoot down a lot of Russians with that. Little wonder he wants our planes if this is all he has to offer.