Cashless society blocked – for now. Get some silver ready.

Buy a few silver coins and one or two gold – just in case.  I declare an interest.  We are selling these to a few customers as we started manufacturing them recently.  It took a while to get the process right stamping them out and getting the finish right.  They are hallmarked – called rounds – not coins – as only a mint can claim to be producing coins.  However having them hallmarked proves they are 999 pure, which few other suppliers offer.  They’re not on general sale yet.  I’ll probably let you know when they are.  You can then go shopping with silver when your digital money is blocked.

Traders must be ready to trade in silver so they don’t lose business when digital restrictions come in.  Not only that but paying with a card is not free to a small trader as you might think it is.  They pay so many fees, it costs them about 5% of turnover.  Silver will cost them nothing as it will all be done by weight.  Gold is too valuable to be much use as a daily trade, but is a good store of value.  Copper will no doubt come in as a lower ‘coin’ at some point.  There is no VAT on 999 gold.  Silver attracts 20% VAT, but it swings around in price a lot more than gold so buying it on a downwave more or less absorbs the VAT.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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