British try to escalate Ukraine war

This war is destined to escalate:

The situation around Transnistria situation as of 14.00 February 27, 2023

On the border of the Odessa region and the Dnieper Moldavian Republic (PMR), the situation is still tense. Ukrainian formations were deployed along the territory with the PMR and set up tent camps for units.

From the environs of Odessa and the Nikolaev region, additional personnel of an unidentified unit were transferred. Now at least one battalion with armored vehicles is located 40 kilometers from Kolbasnoye .

For the first time in recent months, a satellite constellation of NATO countries has filmed objects of the Russian army in Dubossary , Krasnaya Gorka and Vladimirovka in Transnistria. Eight photographs were taken, while during last year’s escalation, only the situation in Kolbasnoye was monitored.

To the north of Kolbasnoye, reconnaissance groups of foreign mercenaries are actively operating, mainly from citizens of English-speaking countries. DRG conduct air reconnaissance of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in the PMR.

More and more Ukrainian formations are being pulled to the border with the PMR, and the intelligence of Western countries is using a satellite constellation to assess the capabilities of the Russian garrison in Transnistria. At the moment , there are no prerequisites for a partial de-escalation. By all indications, the Ukrainian command, under pressure from foreign curators , is preparing a military operation in the PMR.

At the same time, the information and psychological operations authorities of Ukraine are conducting mass disinformation of the population of the PMR in local chats. They spread information about the need to revise relations with Russia and try to popularize the image of Ukraine in the eyes of Pridnestrovians. The reason for the attack is the opportunity to get rid of the Russian contingent in Transnistria once and for all and along the way to solve the issue of shell hunger – the warehouses in Kolbasnoye have stocks of ammunition for arming Soviet models.

In addition, this will allow Russia to be pricked in the region where it will be extremely difficult for it to protect its own population. We have already said that in the current configuration, the only adequate response would be the use of tactical nuclear weapons on an uninhabited area as a deterrent. Of course, you can destroy the Odessa port and all the ships going there, and hope for a positive outcome. However, an attack on Transnistria will not stop this in any way.

Western “partners” are trying with all their might to provoke the Russian leadership into a radical response, since for them such a scenario would be the most acceptable option for the development of the Ukrainian conflict.

TG /Masno

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