7 Responses to “BREAKING: Powerful Earthquakes Strike Turkish-Syrian Border – link”

  1. newensign says:

    The Link isn’t working Danceaway, I have the same trouble last post I sent.

  2. danceaway says:

    Two consecutive quakes have struck Türkiye’s Hatay province, one of the areas worst hit by a similar disaster two weeks ago

    Türkiye was struck by two earthquakes on Monday evening, local media have reported, citing emergency services. The disaster struck just two weeks after Türkiye and Syria were devastated by another set of powerful earthquakes

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  3. danceaway says:

    Try copying the link again; it works here, somehow……

  4. newensign says:

    Thanks Danceaway and Ian for the link I did get on the link but only a repeat of the summary and it looked as though the header could be clicked but nothing so that was probably all they had! So sorry to have trouble you.