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Alex Christoforou – Alaska, Moldova, Olympics, Estonia’s generosity to Ukraine….

Try your best not to laugh at the opening clip. It will take great effort…

78,583 views • 11 Feb 2023

***FACT CHECK: The source of the Estonia f16 posts come from from: https://www.eurointegration.com.ua/ne…. “According to Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas, the issue of the possible transfer of fighter jets should be decided by the countries that have them.

As ‘European Truth’ reports, she said this before the EU summit in Brussels.

‘This is a question for those who have fighter jets. Estonia does not have fighter jets, otherwise we would give everything we have. Therefore, this is a question for other democratic countries,’ Kallas said, answering questions about the possible transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine.

” The 10 fighter jets number is either in this interview given or added on as parody to this interview. Still digging to find the truth. —————–