Agents of Israel’s Unit 8200 Now Have Top Positions at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Other Big Tech Firms

Unit 8200 is Israeli Defense Force equivalent of the American NSA, also known as the National Security Agency. Unit 8200 is a unit in the intelligence branch of the Israeli military while the NSA is its own organization. Israeli military intelligence recruiters use IQ tests and profiling to select unit candidates while they’re still in high school to ensure they recruit the most intelligent of Israeli society. The unit’s headquarters is located on a massive base near Beer Sheeva in the Negev desert. Unit 8200 is the IDF’s largest unit – and its most exclusive by far.

One of the main purposes of this unit is the creation and operation of some of the world’s most advanced surveillance technology which they use in their military occupation of Palestinian territories. Another purpose of this elite unit is the penetration of the World’s largest technology companies. This helps Israel in their illegal espionage operations abroad, particularly those against their supposed “allies” such as the United States of America. Unit 8200’s penetration of Western technology companies has helped the Israeli state in their systematic theft of Western technology and classified information which Israel often passes on to America’s adversaries such as Russia and China. This treacherous campaign involving the theft and transfer of American technology to our enemies is known as Operation Talpiot.

Hundreds of Unit 8200’s agents now have top positions at some of the West’s largest and most successful corporations such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft. Many of these assets of the Israeli state have decision-making capabilities at these big tech giants- for example, implementing censorship rules at Facebook, handling privacy issues for billions of Google users, and creating security software for Microsoft. Interestingly, since the Covid scamdemic heavily crippled the American economy, Microsoft has started to expand their operations in Israel on a massive scale. Coincidence, right?

First, we will get into Google. According to the employment networking website LinkedIn, there are at least 99 Unit 8200 “veterans” currently employed at Google. This number is certainly a very low estimate. For example, this does not count former Google employees. Nor does it include those without a public LinkedIn account, or those who do have an account, but have not disclosed their affiliations with the highly secretive Israeli intelligence unit. Another thing to keep in mind; Unit 8200 agents are expressly prohibited from ever revealing their affiliation to Unit 8200, a majority of its agents abide by this rule which tells us that the 99 employees who did disclose their affiliation to the unit are in the minority.

We can only assume that the number is much, much higher than 99. The figure of 99 only represents the number of current (or extremely recent) Google employees who are brazenly breaking Israeli military law by including the organization in their profiles.

Some of these employees include:

Gavriel Goidel: Between 2010 and 2016, Goidel served in Unit 8200, rising to become Head of Learning at the organization, leading a large team of operatives who sifted through intelligence data to “understand patterns of hostile activists”, in his own words, transmitting that information to superiors. Goidel was recently appointed Head of Strategy and Operations at Google.

Jonathan Cohen: Cohen was a team leader during his time in Unit 8200 (2000-2003). He has since spent more than 13 years working for Google in various senior positions, and is currently Head of Insights, Data and Measurement.

Ori Daniel: Between 2003 and 2006, Daniel was a technical operations specialist with Unit 8200. After a stint with Palantir (founded by a Unit 8200 operative), he joined Google in 2018, rising to become Head of Global Self-Service for Google Waze.

Ben Bariach: For nearly five years between 2007 and 2011, Bariach served as a Unit 8200 cyber intelligence officer, where he “commanded strategic teams of elite officers and professionals.” Since 2016, he has worked for Google. Between 2018 and 2020, he concentrated on tackling “controversial content, disinformation and cyber-security,” today, he is a product partnership manager for Google in London.

In a perfect world you would think that Google would have a problem with hiring “former” agents of this controversial unit which has been tied to several high-profile cases of systematic technology theft which has led to several American corporations going bankrupt. On the contrary, it seems that Google is actively recruiting from the ranks of Unit 8200. In October 2020, Gai Gutherz left his post as a Unit 8200 project leader in exchange for a full-time job at Google as a software engineer. Previously in 2018, Lior Liberman took a senior position as program manager at Google right after serving four years as a Unit 8200 analyst. At the beginning of 2022, she left Google and now works at Microsoft.

This goes to show that the Unit 8200-to-Silicon Valley pipeline is very real. The implications of all of this are deeply troubling. While military service is mandatory for Israeli jews, Arab Israelis are strongly discouraged from joining the military and are effectively blocked from Unit 8200. This makes sense when you consider the fact that Arabs are the prime targets of the police state’s surveillance operations.

The Financial Times referred to Unit 8200 as “Israel at its best and worst” – the centerpiece of both its burgeoning high-tech industry and of its repressive police state apparatus. Veterans of the unit have produced many of the world’s most popular apps, including maps service Waze, and communications app Viber. In an article I did a few weeks back, I exposed how the TRS-affiliated bookstore Antelope Hill Publishing was using the Israeli company to process payments. Interestingly enough, was founded by a Unit 8200 veteran named Nadav Abrahami.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, much of Unit 8200’s activities center around their surveillance operations in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip. Some of these activities include using big data to compile dossiers on large numbers of the Palestinian population, including their medical history, sex lives, and search histories, in order that it could be used for extortion later. If a targeted individual needed to travel across military checkpoints for crucial medical treatment, permission could be suspended until they complied. They try to seek out people who they can easily compromised with blackmail such as if a person was cheating on their spouse or was a homosexual.

A veteran of Unit 8200 told the Financial Times that as part of his training, he was tasked with memorizing different Arabic words for “gay” so that he could listen for them in conversations.

Essentially, Unit 8200 is both a spying and extortion organization that uses its access to data to blackmail and extort enemies of the Israeli state. The fact this organization has such a high number of agents (literally hundreds) in key positions in big tech companies that people trust with their most sensitive data (medical, financial, etc.) should be of serious concern. If our government actually served the American people, there would be investigations into all of these companies and their ties to Unit 8200.

For many years now, Google has a very cozy relationship with the Israeli government. In 2021, Google and Amazon signed a $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government to provide military surveillance tech services – much of this technology will be used by the IDF to illegally spy on the Palestinian civilian population, coordinate evictions and home demolitions which help to expand illegal jewish settlements. This contract is known as Project Nimbus.

This contract caused a massive uproar at both companies, leading to some 400 employees signing an open letter refusing to cooperate. Several employees of both companies were actually fired for resisting the deal. One former Google employee who chose to stay anonymous had this to say:

“Google systematically silences those who are concerned about Google’s complicity in violations of fundamental human rights – to the point of formally retaliating against workers and creating an environment of fear…in my experience, silencing dialogue and dissent in this way has helped Google protect its business interest with the Israeli military and government.”

Another link between Google and the Israeli government is the cybersecurity outfit Team8. Team8 is a collaboration between Google’s former CEO and chairman Eric Schmidt and three high ranking Unit 8200 officers, including Nadav Zafrir, Unit 8200’s former spymaster. According to a press release, the mission of Team8 is,

“To leverage the offensive and defensive skills of veterans of Israel’s cyberwar efforts to build new security startups.”

Another company that has heavily recruited employees from the ranks of Unit 8200 is Meta-the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

This becomes very clear when you look at the case of Emi Palmor; one of the most powerful people at Meta.

Palmor is a veteran of Unit 8200 who later went on to become General Director of the Israeli Ministry of Justice. It was during her time as General Director when the Ministry of Justice enacted legislation sentencing Palestinian stone-throwers to up to 20 years in prison, a law that she voted in favor of. It was also during her time at the Ministry of Justice when she created the “Internet Referral Unit” which would aggressively push Facebook to delete content on its platform that the Israeli government objected to. This jewish supremacist fanatic now has the power to pick and choose what Facebook allows on their platform.

Currently, Emi Palmor is one of 23 people who make up Facebook’s Oversight Board. The Oversight Board has been described as Facebook’s “Supreme Court.” The Oversight Board decides what content to accept and promote on the platform, and what should be censored, deleted, and suppressed. It is said that Palmor got the job at Meta through contacts she made with senior Facebook employees she interacted with during her time working for the Ministry of Justice.

While Emi Palmor is certainly the most influential, she is hardly the only Unit 8200 asset with a senior position at Meta.

Eyal Klein has been the head of data science for Facebook Messenger since 2020. While it is unclear where he was employed prior to being hired by Meta, he served in the controversial military unit as a captain for a total of six years. In his current position at Meta, he oversees the handling of privacy issues for billions of Facebook Messenger users.

Eli Zeitlin is another Unit 8200 veteran working in a high-profile position at Meta. During his service as an officer, he apparently oversaw several high-stakes operations. Right after Zeitlin completed his service, he was employed for two years by Microsoft. He rose to the position of senior development lead before being hired by Meta, where he has worked for the last six years. Zeitlin holds a senior position where he is tasked with “preventing data misuse by third parties” – the perfect job for a Unit 8200 agent.

Other Unit 8200 veterans who hold top positions at Meta include:

Tom Chet, head of activations and production for North American small business.

Gilad Turbahn, a manager for Meta.

Ranen Goren, engineering manager for Meta.

Gil Osher & Yoav Goldstein, both software engineers.

Dana Baril, security engineering manager.

Omar Goldberg, software developer.

Another Meta employee named Yonatan Ramot wrote on his Linkedin biography that he was simultaneously working for Meta while still an active-duty manager in Unit 8200.

I think it is fair to assume that a significant portion of these “former” agents of Unit 8200 are still on active duty. They have most likely been tasked with penetrating the largest technology companies in the West.

Surveillance technology and spyware programs developed by agents of Unit 8200 have been used for nefarious purposes all over the world. The most well-known example of Israeli spyware would be Pegasus, which was created by the infamous NSO Group. NSO Group is a technology company that was created by three Unit 8200 agents while on active duty. NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware made the news after it was revealed that the murdered Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi had the spyware installed on his phone.

The spyware works by sending a text message to a targeted device. If a user clicks on the link provided, it will automatically download the spyware. Once infected, it is possible to track an individual’s location and movements, take screenshots, turn on the phone’s camera and microphone, retrieve messages and steal passwords.

Some other Israeli spy firms founded by Unit 8200 veterans and agents include Toka and Candiru. Toka was founded by 9/11 architect, former Israeli Defense Minister and Prime Minister Ehud Barak in collaboration with several Unit 8200 officers. Ehud Barak founded the startup company with money that was put up by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s bogus firms. Toka can infiltrate any device connected to the internet, including Amazon echoes, televisions, fridges and other home appliances. Candiru is extremely secretive; they have no website and if you go to its headquarters, there is no indication that you are in the right place. It is widely believed that Candiru was behind malware attacks observed in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar and Uzbekistan.

LinkedIn data shows that there at least 166 former Unit 8200 members currently employed at Microsoft. Unit 8200 veterans currently holding top positions at Microsoft include Ayelet Steinitz, Microsoft’s former Head of Global Strategic Alliances, Senior Software Engineer Tomer Lev, and Senior Product Managers Maayan Mazig and Yuval Dermin.

Much of the company’s global cybersecurity apparatus has been designed by active-duty Unit 8200 members. Microsoft seems to be going out of their way to hire unit veterans for security-related positions at the company. Some examples include Microsoft Security Researchers Lia Yashoua, Yogev Shitrit, Guni Merom, and Maitar Pinto, Threat Protection Software Engineer Gilron Tsabkevich, and Data Scientist Danielle Poleg.

Merom, Pinto, Tsabkevich, and Poleg went straight from Unit 8200 service to a full time position on Microsoft’s team. This again suggests that Microsoft is recruiting from the unit’s ranks.

Other security-related products marketed by Microsoft such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Azure secure cloud computing are designed and maintained by Unit 8200 veterans. Some of these veterans are Senior Architect Mike Bargury, Principal Software Engineering Manager Shlomo Habi, Senior Software Engineering Managers Yaniv Yahuda, Assaf Israel and Michael Ben Yacav, Senior Product Manager Tal Rosler, Software Engineer Adi Griever, and Product Manager Yael Genut.

This information is very relevant, as it was reported that malware likely produced by Unit 8200 was used to attack Microsoft products including its Windows operating system. The malware used loopholes it the system to attack control systems, delete hard drives, and shut down key systems. An example of this would be the 2010 Stuxnet virus which was used against Iranian nuclear energy facilities. Stuxnet was created by Unit 8200, with development starting as early as 2005. This is openly admitted to today.

Since at least the early 1990s, Israel has become a cyber juggernaut. This did not happen organically; it was facilitated through decades of stealing Western technology and by a massive influx of Soviet jews after the fake collapse of the USSR. Many of these Soviet citizens were assets of the KGB who after arriving in Israel, began to fill the ranks of Israel’s intelligence agencies, including Unit 8200.

It is obvious that agents of Unit 8200 are being specifically tasked with entering the private sector and penetrating some of the largest big tech companies in the West. While Israeli espionage and treachery against America has been going on since Israel’s founding, the rise of social media and advancements in technology mean that this is impacting the West on a much larger scale. Pretty much all of America’s critical infrastructure has been penetrated by the Israeli state and they have us kill-switched . They now have the ability to steal anything they want and send whatever’s left over to their friends in Russia and China. This is the by far the greatest security breach in American history. The most disturbing aspect of this is the fact that we still have a large portion of the population who believe that Israel is America’s greatest ally.


The video accompanying this article is unavailable in the UK, as it contains incitement to hatred.

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