WSJ, US-Russia in talks. Pavlivka, fierce fighting. Odessa, FB vote to remove Catherine. U/1

An important video from Alex as he explains the intricacies of the moment and the hidden agendas which invariably eminate from the neo-cons, which Sullivan represents.

He feels Ukraine ‘fatigue’ is behind the push to get Z to publicly renounce his anti-Putin stance, but nothing changes really. Back channel negotiations being claimed will not be conciliatory, but rather threatening Russia, if you escalate, then we will escalate. Giving Kremlin pause to think. Neo-cons don’t do off ramps; they warn, threaten, cause chaos and destruction.

Terrible losses over the weekend for both sides over battle for Pavlivka. Ukraine has the higher ground, are dug in, have a lot of fire power; doing a lot of damage to Russian military. He thinks Russia will succeed in the end, but it will be a very very slow grind.

Kherson offensive? Have to wait and see. Vicic thinks it will be the deciding battle. Sullivan has given green light.

Shelling of Donetsk still taking place with US Himars and terrorising the population.

Daily Mail – Refugees: winding down funding.UK and EU don’t have the resources; could break the back of UK and EU. Ukraine demanding one million euros a month. Z trying to scare EU to attract money. Doing what Erdogan did in 2015; keeping refugees if you pay me; still ongoing. Collective west have boxed themselves in; sooner or later Ukrainian economy will collapse. Refugees can only go to Russia or Europe.

Alex shows map of Russia delineating neo-con unchanging objectives; either break up Russia or regime change.

Odessa to remove statue of Catherine the Great on the basis of an online vote of about 6 thousand people out of a population of one million. What will be left of Odessa?