In a previous letter, Love is the Antidote wrote “this whole system is based upon fraud upon fraud upon fraud.  Fraud is the only crime with no statute of limitation” and then wrote a possible reason why people, globally, are facing genocide.

Love is the Antidote has written again and highlighted an article that explains this fraud in more detail and requested that it be publicised to give people more understanding. 

To The Exposé,

A follow-up to ‘Why are the people being murdered globally?’

A little while back, you published a letter whereby I asserted the reasons for the ongoing genocide. It was immediately attacked.

The enclosed article puts fully into perspective the assertions I made within that article.

I believe this needs to be published in order to give people an understanding of why friends and family are being deliberately murdered.


Love is the Antidote

Note from The Exposé: In previous letters, we have referred to our reader as The Antidote is Love.  In this letter, we correct the pseudonym the preferred Love is the Antidote.

Below is a portion of the article Love is the Antidote attached.

Me, You, and the Chickens – Answers About Americans by Anna Von Reitz

This is an attempt to clear the air and give everybody clarity about several issues.

Birth certificates are clearinghouse receipts. They are not proof of anything but events which took place at specific times and places, providing a provenance that the actual owner may use to reclaim their estate.

These certificates are meant to work like a coat check receipt.  Your Mother unknowingly “deposits” your estate with the clearinghouse (DTTC) and the clearinghouse gives back a certificate for the “cargo” being transferred.

This transfer creates two new “persons” – it leaves behind an “infant decedent estate” in the original land jurisdiction where you were physically born, and it creates a new British Territorial Person “representing” you on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

This is your First Birth Certificate, sometimes called “the Long Form” or “Certificate of Live Birth” which unlawfully converts your political status to that of a British Territorial US Citizen as if you were an Officer in the Armed Forces or someone born in a Territory of the United States – like Puerto Rico. This Person is a British Subject functioning under Admiralty Law, and may also be prosecuted under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

Approximately seven years later, the British Territorial Person named after you is declared missing, and presumed dead.  This creates a Cestui Que Vie trust which is created in Washington, DC and redeposited with the Clearinghouse (DTTC) which issues a second BIRTH CERTIFICATE, sometimes called “the Short Form” which shows your Given Name in ALL CAPITAL letters.  This Municipal PERSON is considered a “citizen of the United States” thanks to the Diversity Clause in Federal Title 28. It functions under Maritime (Commercial) Law and Administrative Law.

You now have two estates – an infant decedent estate created when your mother unwittingly “waived” your birthright estate “for” you as an infant, and a Municipal Government Cestui Que Vie ESTATE TRUST created for you when you were still in Grade School. You also have two clearing house certificates – that is, birth certificates, documenting the deposits made with the DTTC Clearinghouse and the transfers of the “cargoes” from the land to the sea and from the sea to the Municipal land jurisdiction

In theory, you should be able to take these clearinghouse certificates which are issued in your name to the Federal Reserve Bank holding the deposit receipts – and reclaim your estate free and clear.

However, nobody ever tells you what has been done and that both these estates – one private and one public, both belong to you.  And nobody is identified as the Officer responsible for returning your purloined estate and no process or forms are provided for you to exercise your Reversionary trust interest.

So, the deceptively named clearinghouse receipts called “Birth Certificates” are not about you or your actual Nativity on the land and soil of this country, instead, they reveal where a Uniformed British Territorial Officer – a Medical Doctor – took possession of you and your estate and then proceeded to misidentify and impersonate you as a U.S. Citizen – and then by the process of “registration” transferred you and your estate to the British Territorial jurisdiction.

Then the second transfer and certificate provide evidence of the “presumption of death” and creation of a Municipal public interest Cestui Que Vie ESTATE in YOUR NAME.

This is why there are two clearinghouse certificates and two estates in your name.

All this to say that the Birth Certificate says nothing about my Nativity but everything about where the Undeclared Foreign Agent latched onto me, the false presumptions he made about me, and the disposition he made of my estate – none of which was disclosed or authorized.

The “Birth Certificates” are in fact evidence of capital crimes committed against me as a baby and a form of genocide on paper carried out against the people and lawful government of this country. 

The above is one section of a much longer article by Anna Von Reitz published on 14 November 2022.  Read the full article HERE.

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