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While it can have many, many meanings, a blank piece of white paper is a protest against censorship. “There was definitely nothing on paper, but we know what is on there.”





Blank sheets of white paper were a symbol of defiance over the weekend as Chinese protesters braved likely prosecution to openly oppose the government’s policy of zero tolerance for COVID and public dissent.

The movement began with a solemn vigil for 10 victims who perished on November 24 in an apartment fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, where residents had been living in a state of lockdown for over three months. Restrictions on their movements and obstacles preventing a prompt rescue by firefighters were said to have contributed to the victims’ deaths.

The white paper trend became popular among protesters in Hong Kong in 2020, after the city implemented a nebulous and sweeping national security law passed by Beijing days earlier.

Over the weekend, Chinese diaspora communities on Twitter and elsewhere called it the “White Paper Revolution,” or the “A4 Revolution,” based on the sheet size.

The white paper represents an ironic response to the diminishing space for disagreement under Xi, who has built a vast security apparatus that includes citywide surveillance networks to monitor offline movements, and computer algorithms that automatically filter out sensitive words and viral images from online chatter.

The weekend’s protests carried elements of this frustration. This was especially notable on the campuses of the prestigious Peking University, where an open letter called on the government to roll back COVID controls including mass testing, centralized quarantine, districtwide lockdowns and movement-tracking health apps.




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Rukiye Turdush @parlabest
Dozens killed apt fire in Uyghur residential building last night.Most of the@ are kids. Because of China’s lock down policy each door was sealed, no one able to escape, fire fighters came very late and waited without taking action by saying that they have wait order from Beijing


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Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 @jenniferzeng97
On Nov 23, when a fire broke out in #Urumqi , people’s doors were locked from outside. Fire truck couldn’t get closer either( see my previous tweet). The latest figure says 44 were burnt to death, including a 3 y/o kid. That’s one of the reasons for today’s protests.
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FarahBack @Farahback1
They are calling it a #whitepaperrevolution Good for the protesters in China #whitepaper exercise – solidarity! WE STAND WITH YOU!!!! 🙏✊🙏 #whitepaper #china #TakeDownTheEvilCCP
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Rodrigo Figueredo🇻🇪🇺🇦 @GeorgeArtwell
#28Nov Mientras tanto en Pekin inicio “La revolucion de papel blanco”. Estas son protestas historicas en China por la LIBERTAD #WhitePaperRevolution #ChinaProtests “No queremos tests, queremos libertad”
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李老师不是你老师 @whyyoutouzhele
今天白天 浙江乌镇
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Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec
Hundreds of protesters in Beijing march with blank paper as part of the White Paper Revolution They are chanting “We don’t want testing, we want freedom”
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James Melville @JamesMelville
The mass protests breaking out across China against the draconian lockdowns are both courageous and historic. The people have had enough. Authoritarianism never ends well. History has taught us that. The Chinese protestors are creating their own history.
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9News Australia @9NewsAUS
Remarkable and rare protests are currently erupting across China over the country’s strict COVID zero policy. It’s being called the White Paper Revolution, with crowds holding up blank sheets of paper as symbols of defiance. @lizziepearl #9News
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Matthew ⬛⬛⬛ @i_c_crazy_matt
This is a picture of a Chinese govt official welding a door shut at a housing complex. They are literally holding their people hostage. Citizens can’t go out without govt permission! Now thousands are protesting in the streets. #lockdowns #ChinaProtests
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Roger Vicente @rogerVcente
My fellow cameramen and camerawomen: don’t dare these days to make a White Balance in #China 😇
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White Paper Company @A4Revolution
他正在用所有人的余生治愈自己的童年。 He’s using the rest of everyone’s life to heal his childhood. #A4Revolution #A4纸革命 #白纸革命 #WhitePaperRevolution



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