US troops in Ukraine, inspect weapons. Serbia warned, Russia or EU. Sweden, yes to NATO nukes. U/1

Alex says if you believe that US troops in Ukraine are just overseeing, instructing, the patchwork of air defence systems, of just tracking/ inspecting  the weapons sent to Ukraine, if you believe that. then I have a big Parliament building to sell  you!! American NBC/ABC news programmes openly stating US troops are there. Alex believes they have been in Ukraine a very long time. Sounds like ‘mission creep’.

West doubling down on Iran and Serbia as they see themselves losing in Ukraine. Iran attacking Saudi Arabia? Alex could not find evidence of it happening. NYT cooking up anti-Iran stories since they are furious with Iran for siding with Russia. Germany threatening Serbia in same way; you are either with us or against us. Heard that before? Threatening Serbia; Serbia will have to walk a very fine line until the Ukraine conflict is resolved. Sweden under similar pressure; we’ll embrace whatever you want, NATO, and aggravate Russia. They are all poking the bear. All part of the plan to abolish Russia. Pretty soon it will all be about China.

Football – Z wants to ban Iran from world cup; all about those drones. Iran already sanctioned as much as you can, so why not ban? Call it the Eensky Cup; he decides which countries play, which countries are in the groups?

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