US and UK Governments use Purpose Built Twitter Portal, created in the UK, to Directly Access and Censor Twitter Users

Two years ago, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai exposed deep collusion between the United States government and social media companies, specifically Twitter but also YouTube and Google, in his historic Federal Lawsuit.  Corporate media have not only ignored the story but have been working hard along with the US government to conceal Dr. Shiva’s exposé.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, is the inventor of email.  He was the first to uncover the US government’s relationship with Big Tech and the media in minute detail.  He has published material on his website where he shows the specific links within this “Big Tech and government infrastructure.”

In 2020, while he was running for US Senate for the state of Massachusetts Dr. Shiva tweeted information about voter fraud that Massachusetts’ Secretary of State’s office didn’t like so the tweets were deleted and his Twitter account was blocked.  Dr. Shiva filed a lawsuit which uncovered the deep collusion between government entities and social media evidenced by a purpose-built portal. This portal had been built by Twitter and offered to certain governmental entities so that government officials can flag and delete any Twitter content they dislike, as part of what they call their “Twitter Partner Status.”

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On 31 October, The Intercept reported that Facebook had a similar portal. It appears that Facebook designed the portal so that government officials could easily identify the content they deem objectionable and request that the platform remove it.

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What’s interesting about The Intercept highlighting Facebook’s nefarious portal is that, as Dr. Shiva had pointed out in 2020, eBay’s founder Pierre Omidyar is the founder and funder of The Intercept and also funds the operation between Big Tech and the US government.

According to Dr. Shiva, this entire operation appears to be a “limited hangout.” A “limited hangout” is a term in politics and among intelligence professionals which relates to a course of action when a veil of secrecy is penetrated.  It involves disclosing a self-contained and sensational but relatively benign story to overshadow something more damaging.

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A week ago, Dr. Shiva joined Clayton Morris, host of Redacted, to give an update about the US government’s direct portal to censor Facebook and Twitter content and users.  He began by describing how things unfolded.  He was de-platformed the first time for exposing malfeasance and then a second time for exposing the architecture of the Big Tech and government infrastructure.

“The Judge ordered they put me back on Twitter … On February 1st 2021, I’m again de-platformed because I share the findings of this architecture …

“The night before that lawsuit in May [2021], I discover what are called playbooks detail manuals created at Harvard – originally created in Britain – which lay out the actual step-by-step way in how the government will surveil US citizens, not only U.S citizens for that matter [but] citizens anywhere in the world.

“What we discovered in the May hearing was the playbooks and the entire details of the technology architecture between government and Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

When Dr. Shiva was preparing for the May hearing at first, he couldn’t find anything about Twitter’s “VIP partner support portal” so he “researched, researched, researched.”

“The night before my hearing, I find a set of documents on a server in Britain written by a woman who was talking about the general council at Twitter talking about this partner support portal they’d created so the UK government could use it to censor UK citizens.  That led me to a server at Harvard, at the Harvard Belfer School, which is [where] I found all these Playbooks – about five of them …  They’re actual manuals for censorship … they call the people they want to censor ‘influence operators’ … Step one: identify [influence operators]. Step two: categorise them into severity stages.”

Stanford published ‘The Long Fuse’ report in March which validates the Playbooks.  “In The Long Fuse report, and in the lawsuit we brought [it] up, they explicitly say that the government knows it they cannot censor Americans domestically so they want it to fill in the gaps with non-governmental agencies,” Dr. Shiva said.

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Speaking about the “limited hangout” technique that has been used to cover up and then the “leak” of limited information with the aim of “owning the narrative” about the exposure of the Big Tech and government censorship infrastructure Dr. Shiva said:

“People really need to recognise intelligence agencies are very clever at doing this. They have this process where they own both sides of the equation … it’s called getting ahead of the story in PR … You’ve seen politicians do something really horrible and then they’ll say, ‘oh yeah, the PR guys will get ahead of the story’.

“Intelligence agencies have infiltrated American media including organisations like The Intercept, in my view.  New York Times has been written about for many, many years.

“This process of the whole truth, concealing it, delaying it and hijacking it, and giving a dribble of the truth is a process that has historically occurred in many many fields.

“[But] we have to recognise that the intelligence agencies are running American media.”

Dr. Shiva said the solution is to build bottom-up, grassroots movements. “At Truth Health Freedom … we’ve created our own social media portals for people to privately interact and we’ve created a global community … We want to educate people to think beyond left and right [of politics].  We want to educate people to think systems and not rely on mainstream media, build bottoms up independent media,” he said.

Redacted: They are NOT going to get away with this, we caught them, 4 November 2022 (23 mins)

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