UN Security Council votes against Russia’s call to investigate US biolabs

3 Nov, 2022 07:44

The US, France, and Britain shut down Russia’s call to investigate “military-biological” activities in Ukraine

UN Security Council votes against probe into US biolabs

The UN Security Council has rejected Russia’s call for an international investigation into claims that the US used laboratories in Ukraine to develop biological weapons.

While China backed Russia’s proposal, the US, Britain, and France voted against it, and the ten rotating council members abstained.

Russia insists that the US and Ukraine have been violating the 1972 international convention that bans the development, production, and stockpiling of biological weapons. According to Moscow, several laboratories in Ukraine were working on a secret “military-biological” program, which involved studies and the stockpiling of samples of anthrax, cholera, and other infectious diseases.

Washington and Kiev both deny developing biological weapons. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in March that the laboratories were conducting “ordinary scientific research.”


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During the vote in the Security Council on Wednesday, US envoy, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, argued that the Russian proposal for a probe is “based on disinformation, dishonesty, bad faith, and a total lack of respect for this body.”

Thomas-Greenfield reiterated that the activities under the Pentagon’s Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program in Ukraine and other former Soviet states “are not for military purposes.”

The US Mission to International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland said in April that the CTR’s goal in Ukraine was to help the country “consolidate and secure pathogens and to continue to ensure Ukraine can detect and report disease outbreaks before they pose security or stability threats.”

Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s deputy envoy to the UN, meanwhile, said he was “deeply disappointed” by the vote. He said “the Western countries are simply afraid” of an international investigation into the issue.

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One Response to “UN Security Council votes against Russia’s call to investigate US biolabs”

  1. Mick says:

    The US went to war against Iraq for less. There was no evidence; you can’t get more less than none. We knew it was all a lie of course, but many of us thought like any dictatorship ie. the Bush Admin would plant the evidence. (Colin Powell’s role at the UN and his vial of anthrax suggests he thought they’d plant evidence too.) But when Russia began releasing news about the labs it found in Ukraine, it became clear the Bush Admin hadn’t planted the evidence because it would have meant forging a whole and non-existent industry requiring labs, paper trails, acquisition and employment records etc. They couldn’t just roll up with a few vials and say that’s the proof.

    Now Russia does provide evidence of this active US bio-warfare industry the spineless, US-captured UN doesn’t want to know. Not only is it appalling, but for the crimes of Iraq and this bio-warfare program the west deserves to get blown off the face of the earth.