3 Responses to “UK’s Ukraine bet creates 50 billion pound fiscal hole”

  1. ian says:

    I don’t see it at all like these two. I think that the plan all along has been to destroy the Britain that we had, and replace or reset it with the new Britain. A Britain full of mixed races, a Britain with few if any state benefits. A Britain that Charles, Schwab and Co would be proud of, think Hunger Games. There was no Covid, yet they knowingly squandered Billions on furloughs. The only point could have been to destroy the British economy. It’s all, all of it, part of a pre determined plan.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Haven’t watched the vid but I agree Ian, that is probably the plan. Massive fiscal holes are de rigueur now for these lunatics. Helps destroy the value of our currency and hastens their Great Reset

      Europe is going to be the first sacrificial lamb. US next up after us I suspect

      It’s a race against time. Will the Fed bust the WEF plan before it succeeds? Either way then, Europe is the victim, too late for us

      I’m too old to emigrate now, far too old. But younger folk might want to consider that. UK cities could become quite unpleasant quite quickly

      Off topic, but look at the vid in this article:

      Look what the WEF [Bidenopolis] have done to Seattle which was a beautiful, safe, rich place when I visited in 2000