Ukrainian National Guard from Kiev Role Playing Happy Kherson Residents for Foreign Media – video at link

Agence France-Presse reports on the situation in the city of Kherson which was recently left by Russian forces. The media show crowds of people with Ukrainian flags on the streets. However, the parades of happiness turned out to be staged.

On the video published by Agence France-Presse an allegedly enthusiastic Kherson resident declares that there is no light, water, or communication in the city, but he is very happy that there are no more Russians. The forced happiness of the man drew attention to his personality.

The man on the video was identified as Panin Evgeny Nikolaevich. He does not live in Kherson but came there from Kiev together with his unit. Evgeny Nikolaevich is the commander of a company of the National Guard in the military unit #3030.

Units of Ukrainian National Guards are mainly responsible to secure the settlements that came under Kiev’s control, including to carry out repressions against civilians.

It turns out the new task of the Ukrainian military is to play roles of happy residents and provide the MSM with the Fake content which is necessary for the Kiev regime.