Ukraine Facing Defeat; US Sends ‘Military Inspectors’ to Ukraine

A short video from Alexander as he is to be  travelling for a few days.

He focuses primarily on the US ‘boots on the ground’; he has been listening to Col Macgregor who recently said that the American approach is one of ‘incrementalism”; Alexander explains that this is what happened in Vietnam. He sees many parallels with the Ukraine situation. Vietnam was essentially a civil war, and recently Putin has expressed a similar opinion about the Ukraine conflict. The  US gradually became more and more involved, just as they are doing in  Ukraine.

Alexander believes it is very alarming and dangerous and does not wish to make predictions.

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2 Responses to “Ukraine Facing Defeat; US Sends ‘Military Inspectors’ to Ukraine”

  1. Aldous says:

    “The US gradually became more and more involved, just as they are doing in Ukraine.”
    This is not by accident but by design.
    In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I remember some sleaze-ball politician saying Vietnam was ‘never about winning anything’ but ‘just taking part’.
    It’s hard to comprehend that these out and out scumbags are more than happy and willing to massacre millions of innocents of all ages for the military/industrial complex and some satanic ideology and sick agenda.

    I had a strict Catholic upbringing but am in no way religious these days but can’t help thinking at times that only God’s and Christ’s Divine intervention can help us now.
    Only yesterday I had a worse for wear guy I know coming up to me in the bar and almost ‘boasting’ that he had just had his seasonal jabs but now didn’t feel very well. Unbelievable.
    I’m at a loss to make of it all and sometimes wish planet Earth would stop travelling around the Sun at 70,000 mph while I got off of it.
    Earth: Because Our Galaxy/Milky Way Needed An Insane Asylum…

  2. Aldous says:

    I think it was during Dubya Bush’s ‘tenure’ as the latest puppet president that the adage ‘they died with their boots on’ was revised.
    Soldiers and Marines virtually blown to bits but still breathing/living were loaded onto transport when the cavalry arrived and weren’t to be counted as dying in country/theater.
    If still ‘ticking’ they were usually evacuated to Germany where they usually died anyway but weren’t registered as an Iraq war casualty.
    I think another satanic agenda is keeping the seriously injured alive when they would be far better off dead.
    I know of people who have lost every limb of their broken and mutilated body, blinded and obviously need everything doing for them.
    What’s the point in living?
    The point is it condemns the loved ones and relatives to a lifetime of torture and anguish instead of getting at least some kind of closure if they were simply dead.

    Johnny Got His Gun (1:46:08)