Ukraine Energy Crisis Risks EU Migrant Crisis, EU in Denial; Putin Erdogan Reinstate Grain Deal

Ukraine speaking of evacuating cities, but where will the people go?  People of Donbass can evacuate to Russia and be readily assimilated; Ukrainians evacuating to European countries where the language and culture are different, and where they may not be as  welcome, are in a different situation. No one seems to be looking at the humanitarian catastrophe It looks like a migrant crisis could be developing.

Russians evacuating civilians from both banks of the Dneiper because they expect Ukraine to attack the dam. ( The only damage to the Black Sea Fleet was to a mine sweeper). Alexander wonders whether Russia might itself be considering hitting some of the bridge/dam infrastructures with its supersonic missiles?This would sever Ukraines supply links east of the Dneiper.

Read out of Erdogan/Putin telephone conversation re grain deal.

MOD statement

Any written guarantee from Ukraine is probably not worth the paper it is written on. Probably no one takes theses promises seriously. Russians preparing the ground for the time they pull out of the grain agreement. Staying on good terms with Erdogan a second reason for agreeing this.Whole chain of Turkish hotels are going to accept the Mir Card. Also Visa and Mastercards of Russian banks. This an important win for Russia. Draws Erdogan away from the west.  Complex relationship that goes on all the time between Erdogan and Putin. Difficult to work with Erdogan but Putin’s patience has paid off.