UKHSA Chief Jenny Harries Attempts to Blame Excess Deaths on Climate Change

Nothing to do with me guv’ – it was climate change wot done it. And so the excuses get rolled out for the massive recent jump in excess deaths since April. Lockdown fanatic Professor Dame Jenny Harries, the Chief Executive of the U.K. Health Security Agency, repeated the claim last month that more than 2,800 excess deaths were caused by periods of hot British weather in the summer. A more plausible explanation would be that excess deaths have been trending upwards since April due to the disastrous lockdowns and pandemic interventions and the near two year-long disruptions and closures of vital medical, educational, economic and social activities. In all of which, of course, she played a leading role.

Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England at the start of the Covid lockdowns, was promoting social restrictions as late as November last year, nearly a full year after vaccines were available. Not that the vaccines are particularly efficacious, giving limited protection for just weeks in many cases and requiring numerous booster jabs. As more novel shots are dispatched, the number of vaccine injuries and deaths is on the rise, helping, no doubt, to push up the excess death totals.

Earlier this month, the Daily Sceptic editor Will Jones reported that a favoured explanation, noted by the British Heart Foundation, was that lack of access to healthcare during the pandemic and NHS backlogs were primarily to blame for the recent excess rise. “However, many medics and scientists suspect side effects of the vaccines are playing an important role, particularly as this phenomenon is being seen across Europe and further afield, not just in the U.K.,” added Will.

What better way to disguise these disturbing rises than to waffle on about climate change. Only last month, Harries was repeating the 2,800 excess deaths tale, stating: “If several aeroplanes all exploded and we’d lost that many people it would be frontpage news in health protection terms.” Maybe for climate change stories, the cynical might note, probably not for Covid vaccine deaths.

Only last month, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) would have been available that show clearly that excess registered deaths, excluding Covid, have been on a rising trend since April. Temporary weekly reductions in May and October were caused by the late Queen’s platinum jubilee and death. Since April, excess deaths excluding those ‘with Covid’ have been running at between 500-1,000 a week. During July and August, these excess deaths averaged 717 a week and this edged up in October to 906. The latest figure for the week ending November 4th, excluding Covid, is 867. Citizen journalist Paul Homewood recently noted that the excess deaths which Harries is desperate to blame on the heatwave are clearly part of a much larger problem. “Maybe she should be addressing that problem rather than the imaginary one of heatwaves,” he advises.

As we have seen in numerous recent articles, climate change  hysteria is driven by flawed climate models, corrupted surface temperature datasets and invented weather ‘attribution’ stories. Harries recently said that the aim was not to paint a “doom and gloom” scenario, but, needless to say, she went on to claim the “climate emergency” would bring far wider-reaching health impacts, “with food security, flooding and mosquito-borne diseases posing threats”.

It is likely that a few, often elderly, frail people die during an English summer heatwave, but far more die from the cold every year. Temperatures have edged up a little over the last 50 years, and winters have become a little milder. According to the ONS, this has made a dramatic effect on climate-related mortality.

These figures show that over a 20-year period in England and Wales, an estimated over half a million lives were saved due to slightly warmer winters, far outnumbering the figure for warmer summers. Overall the ONS found “relatively little increase in deaths caused by warmer weather and a reduction in deaths caused by cold winters”. The ONS says that in the U.K.’s cool-to temperate climate, the mortality impact caused by warmer weather is “limited”.

But onwards and upwards. Having been part of a governing elite that trashed the British economy with unnecessary lockdowns and restrictions costing hundreds of billions of pounds, the next move is a ban on reliable, cheap fuel. Harries argues that the threat to health should be considered as part of the UK’s broader climate policy, “including the commitment to bring greenhouse emissions to net zero by 2050”. Forget billions, this is trillions territory, although how making people cold, forcing them to eat insects and factory chemical fodder, and stopping most personal travel will make them healthier is not immediately clear.

Chris Morrison is the Daily Sceptic’s Environment Editor.

UKHSA Chief Jenny Harries Attempts to Blame Excess Deaths on Climate Change


2 Responses to “UKHSA Chief Jenny Harries Attempts to Blame Excess Deaths on Climate Change”

  1. ian says:

    I blame the Germans myself. Always a safe bet.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    The mention of climate change by any functionary of the regime is a clear indicator of their intent to decieve the public.

    Here is US puppet leader Sunak on ITN …

    The PM told Mr Biden: “I think the partnership between our countries is unique and enduring.

    “The United States is our closest ally, biggest trading partner, closest security partner.

    “And I’m glad to see that partnership in action doing good whether it’s standing up to – and I agree with your words – barbaric activity by Russia in Ukraine, but also tackling climate change, stabilising the global economy.”