UK PM Rishi Sunak runs off stage and is rushed out of the room by aides at the COP27 summit in Egypt

NEW – UK PM Rishi Sunak runs off stage and is rushed out of the room by aides at the COP27 summit in Egypt.

One of Mr. Sunak’s aides could be seen whispering into his ear while he was on stage – the prime minister left the room soon after.

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12 Responses to “UK PM Rishi Sunak runs off stage and is rushed out of the room by aides at the COP27 summit in Egypt”

  1. Aldous says:

    Interloper Sunak has no mandate to be UK’s PM and is unelected and totally unelectable.
    He is an installed joke PM as much as sleepy Joe is a joke President.
    Britain is still – believe it or not – still a nearly 90% WHITE country, so WTF is an invader like him doing at its illusory helm?
    A lot like Saxe-Coburg und Gotha Charlie boy and his equally adulterous bitch ‘consort’ Camilla being Head of State and Commander-in-Chief.
    God save me!

    • Gordon says:

      Well now! Not much there that I can add to other than perhaps “Adulterous ugly con-of-a-sort bitch, and that our forefathers would turn in their graves if they saw what we had for a king and PM.
      God help us! God really HELP US!

      Do you not think Sunak has a doze of the runs as he’s so full of shit.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Nail on the head Aldous. Sushi Sunak is only there to pave the way for Trilateralist, speak-your-weight-machine, Starmer. The totally boring, charisma free, personality free, “Labour leader” [joke!]

      They have to put a totally unelectable, super rich foreigner, WEF puppet, up to give Starmer a chance. He’d be guaranteed to lose to most other sentient tories, which says it all about the Saville friendly Keir for me

      We’re doomed! Heads we lose, tails we lose

  2. ian says:

    Hopefully someone close has had an adverse reaction to the Jab. More likely though, one of his ex banker bosses phoned him with orders. He’s only on a par with Sooty and Sweep, after all. For non uk residents, Sooty and Sweep were dumb puppets in a British kids TV show.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Ha ha! Sooty and Sweep the glove puppets that only squeak, never talk

  3. stevie k says:

    We all know that moment when you remember you need to put more money in the parking meter…..

    • ROTH says:

      Judging by the debacle of his borrowed car petrol station stunt, I doubt he’d be able to work out how to use a parking meter….

  4. Tapestry says:

    Stop giving attention i.e. oxygen to the war parties. Find something else that works. Look how the blog top reads list fills with main media main politics garbage. If we post such stories the controllers will blank out the Tap News stuff with pleasure by boosting these nothing posts. No pictures/videos of Sunak, Truss, Starmer or any of them please. No Union Jacks – it’s the war flag for killing British people and poor foreigners No pictures of Palace of Westminster. Start from ground level. Find alternatives. The garbage on this blog is depressing me. We know that the government are fulltime killers and want as big a bag of dead humans as they can achieve so why keep featuring them? If you want to see pictures of the killers watch the BBC or any other main news channel.. On here we want alternatives, however hopeless that may seem to begin with. We have to build a new world or die as trash for the trillionaires in the current one.

    • Aldous says:

      G’day Tap – wifey tells me it’s 7 weeks to Christmas which I think is on a Sunday this year. That must really piss the illuminati trash off, it falling on the Christian Sabbath AND having to give everyone an extra Bank Holiday in lieu on the Tuesday. I wonder what they’ve got planned to try and spoil it?
      I for one (and wifey for two) certainly don’t think of what we read on here as garbage or depressing, even though we are often depressed by current events.
      We drop your blog link (and others) off to everyone we know and meet and no one has ever come back to us in any negative sense.
      Keep up the good work is what I’m thinking. Regards.

      The Union Jack (1970)
      “Conspiracy is invisible otherwise there would be no need for this book. In fact, if conspiracy WERE visible, there would BE no conspiracy.”
      Anonymous author of The Union Jack, 1988 Printing

      The British Empire, unlike any aspirant to world domination heretofore, has foregone its external vanity in order to accomplish its purpose. It has hauled down the Union Jack time and time again in order to impress upon the world the idea of a dead Empire. It has subjected and exploited its own people, extracting their consent based upon the fiction that austerity means survival be it ever so rigid. They have devaluated the pound and inflated (devaluated) the dollar, but only to contain the people in economic bondage, while the Empire uses another system of international finance to dominate and manipulate the world. Money is for the exploitation of the dumb people. It has no effect upon the people who print it, or else they would hold the value up. Instead they are preparing the people for the final removal of their only individual means of independence and accumulation of wealth. The purpose of the many books on the “money conspiracy” is to destroy money and not to conserve it. When money is gone it will then be credit which one cannot hoard or save. Then the economics of Karl Marx has been accomplished in the name of Conservatism and the Constitution.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Chill out Tap, I take your point and I understand it too given your political affiliation to the TEDs, the only anti war party as you often point out.

      But this blog is still an invaluable resource to inform those who are in the process of waking up, and also wide awake folk too. Like Aldous, I often link to articles here to prove my point. I don’t know anywhere else like Tapnewswire. Not saying there is nowhere else, just that I don’t know of it. If the blog was gone I would be gutted

      Also, in reply to your specifics then, of the 9 current lead posts,

      4 have got such images that you dislike, but each of those is giving info that doesn’t feature in the controlled MSM,

      2 are about the astronaut hoax, always a popular subject for conspiracists,

      2 are about the parasite aspect of the covid scam, certainly nothing in the MSM about that,

      1 is about the Ukie mess, by Alexander, certainly not a mainstream guy either. Most normies are totally ignorant about that in my experience, 180 degrees out, very frustrating

      Whilst I am at it then, I would make another point that bugs me. Given the higher volume of posts now, it has become more difficult to see all the comments when there is a lot of comment activity. Is it possible to have a longer list of recent comments that is scrollable? That way it wouldn’t take up any more room on the front page

  5. ROTH says:

    I wonder if this is the reason:

    Evelyn De Rothschild, London Head of Banking Dynasty, Dies at 91

    Helped unite his family’s British and French finance arms
    Friend of Margaret Thatcher, financial adviser to the queen