UK confirms transfer of advanced weapons to Ukraine – Nov 28, 2022

The UK Defence Ministry has confirmed that Britain is supplying Ukraine with modern laser-guided Brimstone 2 missiles, shrugging off Moscow’s repeated warnings about the risk of triggering a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.

The ministry posted a video clip on Twitter on Sunday, showing at least one pallet of the high-precision missiles being delivered from the Royal Air Force Brize Norton base in Oxfordshire to an undisclosed airfield. The missiles were part of a UK “aid package” for Ukraine, the ministry said, confirming earlier media reports of such deliveries taking place for some time.

“This aid has played a crucial role in stalling Russian advancements,” the ministry claimed in its tweet.



UK forces reportedly began supplying earlier versions of the Brimstone missile to Ukraine last spring. The Brimstone 2 is far more advanced than its predecessor, offering about triple the range. It’s designed for firing from an aircraft to attack targets on the ground. However, Ukrainian ground troops have used the missile on adapted trucks, mostly targeting tanks and other armored vehicles.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a new military aid package worth £50 million ($60 million) during his visit to Kiev earlier this month. Each Brimstone 2 missile reportedly costs about £175,000.

The Kremlin has warned that as the US, UK, and other NATO members supply increasingly advanced weaponry to Ukraine, they are prolonging the conflict and risking a direct confrontation with Russia. Moscow characterizes the conflict as nothing short of a proxy war against the US and NATO, while President Vladimir Putin has described Russia as fighting “the entire Western military machine.”



UK confirms transfer of advanced weapons to Ukraine

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3 Responses to “UK confirms transfer of advanced weapons to Ukraine”

  1. raymond says:

    Being a very simple person, I am constantly amazed that the amount and depth of UK contribution to the Ukey Nazi war effort is non-existent in the MSM universe .
    But exactly how do our UK globalist war mongers imagine that they will successfully deliver on their promises?
    Ther rat lines out of Poland are known and the routes into and out of Lyiv , for example , are understood.
    Do you really imagine that Moscow will not take the obvious action . Or is this type of news all low grade theatre?

    • sovereigntea says:

      Its not who wins but who profits especially from the debt incurred.

      Ukraine is not about winning or freedom or any of the canards presented its about debt slavery to maintain the status quo.

      UK taxpayers on the hook of the moneylenders to pay for this apparent lost cause as will be the future taxpayers of every other nation involved.

      Addressing the Lord Mayor’s Banquet the Prime Minister, who has forged strong relationships with international partners in his first month in office at the COP27 and G20 Summits and in meetings with the head of NATO and President of Ukraine, will outline his ambitions for the UK’s overseas policy.
      …Be in no doubt. We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. We will maintain or increase our military aid next year. And we will provide new support for air defence, to protect the Ukrainian people and the critical infrastructure that they rely on.

    • danceaway says:

      Listen to Brian Berletic on The New Atlas. He explains in detail exactly what is going on. He reports nearly daily. He is a former marine, living in Thailand for 20 years. Said recently that when he, as a young marine, realised the true intent of the US, he resigned and decided to dedicate his life to telling the truth.