U.S. Government Report Recommends Return of Mask Mandates and Social Distancing – to reduce the risk of Long Covid

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Masks and social distancing should be mandated or encouraged in public to protect people from possible ‘Long Covid’, according to a new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The New York Post has the story.

The report by the independent research agency Coforma, published Monday, was based in part on interviews with more than 60 people – including patients dealing with lingering COVID-19 symptoms, as well as their caregivers and health care providers.

The recommendations included establishing public policies that purportedly protect “everyone from Long Covid” – including the reinstatement of a mask mandate.

According to the document, jurisdictions dropping mask mandates some two years into the pandemic has made life difficult for those struggling with Long Covid.

“The lifting of mask mandates and indifferent attitude towards masking and social distancing typical in many public and private places further isolates people with Long Covid,” the report says.

“Many people with Long Covid avoid public spaces and events due to a fear of reinfection and the potential worsening of their Long Covid symptoms and health impacts. Some may experience PTSD symptoms as a result of trauma they incurred during their acute infection.”

As a result, the report says, policymakers should “encourage or mandate policies and protocols regarding masking and social distancing in public spaces that protect people from infection or reinfection and possible Long Covid.” …

What kind of world do these researchers live in where coerced changes for an indefinite period of time to what individuals may wear and do in public constitutes a proportionate response to some people’s medical condition? Ah yes, that’ll be the world of Covid.


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7 Responses to “U.S. Government Report Recommends Return of Mask Mandates and Social Distancing – to reduce the risk of Long Covid”

  1. Occams says:

    I was over on Gateway Cuckdom earlier (MAGA and Q headquarters), and the men seem to have found a spine – well – are talkin’ it up like a bunch of McNinjas.

    What a joke.

    2 years alone without a mask.

    NOW everybody says ‘no!’

    Well, we’ll see.

    • ian says:

      I burst out laughing it this mate. However, we’re the same over here, BUT unarmed, so the shooting will be one sided.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know If This Airline Captain Was Covid Injected?

    Pilot Dies Suddenly After Collapsing Shortly After Takeoff from Chicago Airport (AUDIO)


  3. Belyi says:

    I read this morning about a helicopter pilot who was boasting that he’d just received his fourth jab before taking to the air with a passenger. The helicopter crashed shortly, after killing both of them…that is if the pilot wasn’t already dead from the jab.

  4. danceaway says:

    I remember Clif High predicting this and traffic accidents way back at the beginning of the roll out of the jabs. For some reason it has taken longer to occur than some like he predicted, but it seems to be well and truly here now. MSM is still managing to hoodwink the general public, however, as most are still not making the connection, regrettably.

  5. ian says:

    I’m noticing a lot more bad driving, but don’t know if it’s linked to the jab or raised stress levels.

  6. Mick says:

    Long Covid is Long Bulls**t.