Trouble ahead for EU. Oil price caps, gas shortages, sky high LNG prices and refugees

Alexander with pertinent facts and details pouring out! EU was stockpiling oil this year in preparation for what is happening so will get through this winter; next winter will be brutal. US can pretty much supply itself so it wi not suffer unduly.

Strangely, if they really want to get regime change in Russia, the best way would be to negotiate now; Alexander has been in touch with a fairly liberal contact in Russia, and the Russians would be glad to see Putin take a stronger line; if there is criticism of him, that is it; so regime change would probably bring in someone who would take an even tougher line than he does.

Interesting discussion of Angela Merkel and Putin near the end; Alexander seems to think they did not like each other, even though they pretended they did and made a great show of gifts of flowers and beer, but they did not trust each other. He thinks she would not have let things get this far out of hand; she generally managed to steer the boat.

Of course the elephant in the room is that this destruction of Europe has been planned for decades.