“They Have Told Their Soul to Satan” – iearlgrey in Lugansk Donbass

More concerned with MANUFACTURING FAKE NEWS than in reporting it.

The Propaganda arms of the Empire of LIES are rapidly being revealing themselves for the cowards, liars and charlatons that they are. Example from The Guardian: Russia calls up missing cook who was onboard warship sunk in April – https://tinyurl.com/29ln3e9n






One Response to ““They Have Told Their Soul to Satan” – iearlgrey in Lugansk Donbass”

  1. Tapestry says:

    He’s usually good, but shows greater depth than usual in this video. Where’s the western media? Why – where money tells them to go. Human life is cheap – especially if you’re a Ukrainian. Russian oligarchs are not much better than Ukrainian and western versions. But Russia is a coherent country at this stage, with some human values and a functioning legal system. Authoritarian however. Perfection doesn’t exist – only relative levels of evil.