3 Responses to “The World’s biggest carbon polluters by country. 1855 – 2020 (annually in metric tons).”

  1. raymond says:

    And the UK has slipped from being the heaviest producer to number 17 .
    Shouldn’t we receive some performance reward plus exemption for 30 years for good behaviour.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Ha ha! An award for being useless

      The real plummet came from the mid 1960’s on when we were still fourth. The deindustrialisation started then. We’ve fallen off the cliff this century

      Makes you wonder how we survive in such an affluent way still. What do we actually do?

      Not so damn much tbh, the funny money props us up now. It clearly won’t last much longer either. All fiat currencies collapse to zero value eventually don’t they. That is a historical fact I think

  2. ian says:

    Notice the choice of words. Carbon polluters, as opposed to producers. Plants need carbon to live. Carbon can however effect concrete buildings. The limestone used to make cement and therefore in concrete, contains Calcium, which can combine with Co2 to form Calcium Carbonate, which is Chalk. Rain, especially acid rain can leach out this chalk making the concrete porous to gases. If it goes deep enough so that it reached the reinforcing steel, it can cause it to rust which builds up enough pressure to scab off large chunks of the building Engineers are aware of it now but in the 1960s Some high rise building in Birmingham “England”, that is, had to have the steel sand blasted then sealed, before the buildings could be re surfaced.

    Sunday mornings were never wasted when the Open University was on BBC2. Lol I know, sadsville Arizona.