Letter to the Editor: The Two Golden Rules All Doctors Follow

Dear The Exposé,

Doctors all follow two golden rules

In the 1980s I knew someone who trained as a neurosurgeon first in Britain, then in America.  He told me there are two golden rules all trainee doctors are taught on the first day they have contact with patients.

  • Rule one: never criticise another doctor when speaking to a patient if the other doctor made a mistake while caring for that patient because every doctor makes mistakes: “there but for the grace of god go I.”
  • Rule two: if you become a specialist doctor always protect the reputation of the generalist doctors who refer patients to you, whatever their failings: “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

I saw both rules applied when my infant son had two serious bacterial infections due to having been born with severe renal reflux. An incompetent paediatrician who gave me dangerous advice was protected by every professional in the local hospital and by the paediatric urologist he referred me to.  Think about your relatives and their contact with doctors.  Can you remember any incidents in which these golden rules were applied?

Dr Russell Blaylock, a long-term anti-vax neurosurgeon, wrote a comprehensive article: ‘Covid update: what is the truth?

In it, he followed both these rules by not mentioning the fact that nearly all GPs, who are “primary care physicians” in America, encouraged their patients to take the Covid-19 jabs knowing they were experimental gene therapy drugs which had been given emergency authorisation despite never having been shown in trials to prevent transmission of the virus. The closest he gets to criticising his fellow doctors is in the comment he makes about hospital doctors complying with Covid-19 treatment protocols:

Dr. Blaylock knows full well that primary care physicians across America have been poisoning babies for decades with unnecessary, toxic vaccines, as does Dr Sherri Tenpenny and all the other practising and retired doctors who warn people about these dangerous drugs.  They choose to ignore the role played by their fellow doctors, the drug pushers: “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil.”

Read the full article COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? By Russell L. Blaylock HERE.

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