7 Responses to “The reason some MRNA shots are lethal and some are not”

  1. raymond says:

    On one hand we have Ryan Cole making very interesting and believable points to explain how such scattered consequences /results could occur, but, on the other hand, we have the Poornima research suggesting quite differently — that all samples contain identical ingredients and where concentrations differ it is clearly part of a defined test model. And similar, if not identical , for all of the various producers .
    Who is right ?
    Why is there no group or body that can provide the best available answers in situations like this ? Or instigate the work required to find out ?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Impossible to know isn’t it! Very frustrating

      I hear all this standard virus, spike proteins, bio stuff but never see any proof of any of it. They can’t even prove the existence of viruses can they. So how can the prove the existence of viruses with spike proteins on them. I’ve seen no proof at all but I’m no expert so it may well exist somewhere

      But I do know that when I DuckDuck “spike protein” and look at the “Images” tab then all I see are cartoons. Why would that be? Doesn’t pass my sniff test, they have electron microscopes don’t they

      So Poormina’s assertion that it’s purely chemicals with no bio elements makes sense to me. Particularly given that they rushed these things out EVERYWHERE very quickly. A chemical cocktail would e MUCH easier to produce in high volume so quickly. The volumes were unprecedent

      I admit that I have a vested interest in believing that, being a 100% refusnik

      It would certainly good to know for sure

      • Tapestry says:

        Interesting about the virus notions, Pete. Every year I get a ‘chest’ in the autumn, presumably a viral infection, but if I have cell supporting therapies, at an environmental health therapist, heat treatment and nutritional intravenous treatments, the illness becomes a lot less intense and I can still remain functional. If we think of our bodies primarily as electrical, functioning with resonant frequencies, it makes more sense. Illnesses are caused by malfunctioning of the electrical circuits when they come under negative ‘influences’ of many kinds – in my case mostly farm sprays like PCB, Lindane and organophosphates which we were exposed to sixty years ago as children – and equally positive influences can greatly reduce the symptoms. The illness lasts for weeks which suggests I am up against malfunctioning cells (an electrical term!), as my immune system deals with most other things quickly enough. Sunlight exposure and infra red lamps greatly assist – both electrical.

    • Weaver says:

      Wolfgang Wodarg raises some very good points in this article that may produce some answers.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Weaver, that is an interesting link that I missed first time round

        I would make some important points here. First, if intent to harm is deliberate as he says, then why bother with mnra? Why not just use poison as Poormina says they did? Far, far cheaper, more easy to do, and more profitable too

        It also occurs to me that nothing in this post actually confirms the existence of a “virus” with “spike proteins” does it. Or a vaxx with spike proteins either

        I am seriously suspicious about both to be honest

        First, because the polio virus has never been proven to exist, remember that German [I think] guy who issued the €100k challenge which nobody claimed because they couldn’t? And nobody seems to be able to prove that the covid virus exists either, it’s all just computer sequences according to Poormina and others. Are any viruses proven to exist?

        Second, because of Arthur Firstenbergs amazing book “The invisible Rainbow” which says that ALL previous “influenza” pandemics were coincidental with launches of new technologies. Telegraph, radio, domestic electrical wiring, radar, television, wifi, mobile phones [I may have missed some]. He goes into great detail to prove that each previous influenza “pandemic” occurred alongside one of these tech launches

        The strong implication being that Flu is radiation damage, not a virus. The word influenza has it’s root in Italian it seems. Means “under the influence” of an external source. And that most folk knew this at one time. The virus stuff was a later addition and is disinfo. Can’t have the telecom corps being prosecuted by a class action, that would hit profits [ditto polio caused by toxic chemicals]. The “virus” theory is just so convenient to these corporations

        So here is my main point:

        If Firstenberg knows this then, so do TPTB. And the Musk 5G satellites were planned well in advance weren’t they. So a pandemic of sorts must have been ANTICIPATED. A pandemic that presented a great opportunity for TPTB

        This being so then, why bother with a vaxx at all? It doesn’t make sense if the intention is to fix folks health. Only if there is a deliberate experiment taking place, or deliberate intend to harm

        I’m no further forward on deciding which it is of course! But I wondered if anybody else has read the book. And, if so then, what do you think?

  2. newensign says:

    This seems a perfectly good explanation to me Weaver, but I still suspect they have different batches to target certain groups.

  3. ian says:

    I’m not sure, but re’ newensign’s comment, We had four old folk locally with wheelchair access ramps fitted to their homes, and all of these people died the same week after the vaccine roll out.