The paratroopers covered the retreat of our troops. Orderly retreat from Kherson.

(11-11-22) “We spent that night on Antonov Bridge. We met our soldiers who had honourably carried out their task on the right bank of the Dnieper. The paratroopers covered the retreat of the troops. Their column was the last to cross the Antonov Bridge. Yes, it’s true.
In spite of several months of work of American Hymars, till the last moment tracked vehicles could go over the bridge. The Ukrainians did not let us work quietly. They worked the Hymars off the pantone crossing. We were “lucky” to be in the midst of an air defence fight against MLRS missiles. American missiles were ploughing the ground, and anti-aircraft missiles were cutting branches above our heads. All alive, only the door on our car was slightly dented. By midnight we sensed that the Ukrainians were getting closer and closer to Kherson.
They pulled up their artillery and started shelling the right bank of the Dnieper. As soon as our air defenses hit a couple of points in the sky, the shelling stopped immediately. The engineers rolled up the pantons, got the boats out of the water and drove off to the rear. We met the last column of paratroopers and drove away. Closer to dawn the ground owed and our car bounced. It was the engineers who had put a fat end to the fate of the Antonov Bridge.
Now the battle will have to be fought on the left bank. Nothing is finished, nothing is lost. We keep working.” Alexander Kharchenko, Sergey Shilov, Evgeny Maslennikov @Slavyangrad / SLG Spetsnaz Detachment (Inna)
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