I am a big fan of John LeCarre. I especially enjoyed the TV series put together by the BBC based on LeCarre’s novels–Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley’s People. The books are better, but anything featuring the droll Alec Guinness is worth watching. LeCarre’s true gift is his ability to reveal through his stories the craven, soul-crushing, inept bureaucracy that rules British intelligence.

The fecklessness of the Brits, especially its intelligence operatives, is nothing new. But it takes on greater importance in light of recent news implicating the Brits in the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines and the failed air and sea drone attacks on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The Brits are behaving a bit like a sex crazed school boy desperate to experience intercourse but, due to excess enthusiasm and carelessness, is incapable of finding a happy ending.

Let me start with the Nordstream debacle. Why anyone in the United States or the United Kingdom leadership would think destroying Germany’s primary source of natural gas was a terrific idea is prime evidence of the incompetence and shallowness that governs decision-making in the black world of intelligence. Many thought it strange that in the relative immediate aftermath of the Nordstream attack, former Polish Foreign Minister, Radek Sikorski jumped into social media and implicated the United States as the culprit

On his social media page, Sikorski left the controversial message “Thank you USA” and later quoted American leader Joe Biden as talking about destroying the gas pipeline.

Radek Sikorski

Why would Sikorski do such a thing? Some argue that he genuinely believed it to be true. But other evidence suggests that Sikorski was playing his part to divert attention from British culpability. Turns out that Sikorski is quite cozy with key British political, mililtary and intelligence figures:

Sikorski arrived in Oxford in 1982 and played the part of the English gent. “He was more English than the English,” says one contemporary, journalist Rachel Johnson. He had excellent English, well-tailored suits and even a penchant for bow-ties. He earned himself the nickname “Radish” and hung out with Gottfried von Bismarck.

The young Pole was swept into the Bullingdon Club — the drinking club that Cameron would also join a few years later — by the future Mayor of London (i.e. Boris Johnson).

Bullingdon Club is all male and exclusive. The poor need not apply. The fact that Johnson and Sikorski share this bond is not a mere coincidence. Some, until today, could argue that this connection has nothing to do with managing messaging on the Nordstream attack. Then this news broke courtesy of Hal Turner:

When the Nord Stream Pipelines began to blow up, Russian natural gas firm GAZPROM got alarm bells from sensors in the pipeline, indicating the pressure had dropped massively and suddenly.   GAZPROM then knew the pipes were ruptured.

The computers at GAZPROM, which recorded the minutes/seconds the sensor alarms went off, all use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for the time stamps.

Exactly one minute after the alarms went off at GAZPROM, iCloud records of Prime Minister Liz Truss iPhone, show that she used her iPhone to send a text message to Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.   The message:   “It’s done.”

The iCloud computers also use Coordinated Universal Time for message time stamps.  So although Russia and the UK are in different time zones, UTC proves that it was literally ONE MINUTE after the GAZPROM pressure sensor alarms went off, that Liz Truss sent her text message to Blinken.

No one else knew the pipelines had been blown up.  GAZPROM knew there was a problem, but didn’t know what or why.

Liz Truss knew.

Because it was the British government that carried out the bombing.

This news comes less than 48 hours after a failed aerial and maritime drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol.

The attack was carried out by UAVs and remotely piloted surface vehicles over the waters of Sevastopol Bay, Sevastopol’s governor has said.

British experts helped Kiev forces prepare ‘terrorist attack’, defense ministry says

“The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of the Ukrainian 73rd Special Maritime Operations Centre was carried out under the supervision of British experts based in the city of Ochakov in the Mykolayiv region of Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement.

The photo and video shows one of the unmanned boats. A similar one was used in today’s attack.

The Brits have been supplying and training the Ukrainians with maritime drones since late August:

And here is some video evidence of the delivery:

The Russians got their hands on one of the surface drones as it tried to attack Russian ships and recovered the following video. You can see the splashes from Russian fires trying to stop the drone. It is not clear how the Russians captured the footage:

Russia is keeping its powder dry in terms of retaliating with force against the Brits outside of Ukraine. However, Russia did bomb the base where they believe that members of the British Navy trained and prepped the drone attack. On the diplomatic front, Russia cancelled all further grain shipments from Ukraine under a deal brokered originally by the United Nations. If the suspension is permanent, the end of grain exports is widely considered a gut punch to the European Community.

Russia will present evidence against the Brits on Monday before the U.N. Security Council. I think the Russians realize this is a fruitless pursuit in terms of getting the Security Council to punish the United Kingdom. But it does allow Russia to demonstrate its commitment to international law, take the high road and expose the hypocrisy of the West to the rest of the world when it comes to terrorism. Vladimir Putin’s eye is on recruiting more countries into his vision of a multi-polar world free of Washington’s dictates.

One final point regarding burgeoning relations between Russia and Turkey courtesy of an old friend who did great service with the Navy SEALS:

Russia can’t declare anyone entering the Black Sea PNG without violating acceptable internationally recognized Admiralty Law. To willfully do so would put the Russian navy at risk everywhere else in the world. As long as the ships or aircraft remain in international waters and/or internationally recognized Sea Lines Of Communication, an attack upon them by Russia would be an act of war. Retaliation would be certain.

The question in my mind is how Turkey (a NATO member), who has provided naval security for the grain corridor shipments, will react to Russia’s navy should Russia now take an offensive posture towards Turkey or the ships they are escorting.

One more point to ponder. Russia doesn’t have the naval capacity to enforce closure of the Black Sea. Think about this angle – there’s only one strait in and out of the Black Sea and that’s largely controlled by Turkey and to a lesser extent, Greece. It passes through a number of fortified islands and the route is circuitous requiring navigation speeds and caution so grounding doesn’t occur. If Russia gets too frisky, all Turkey needs to do is close the gate (strait) and Russia’s navy is caught in a bottle neck shooting gallery, i.e., the Black Sea. And, closing the strait is done easily, at low risk and low cost. Lot’s of very subtle what if’s here, but Russia stands to lose more than anyone else if they play their hand poorly.




  1. ian says:

    Quote from article,”Let me start with the Nordstream debacle. Why anyone in the United States or the United Kingdom leadership would think destroying Germany’s primary source of natural gas was a terrific idea is prime evidence of the incompetence and shallowness that governs decision-making in the black world of intelligence.”.

    The writer seems to think that this is just a “war”, against Russia. I firmly believe that it is much more. It is part of the great reset, of which, the Europe of the past, the Britain of the past, and the US of the past, must be destroyed, or at least reformed as the owners desire them to be. Immigration, to reform the populations, more to the liking of the owners. Of which vaccination will contribute, ie more whites will be sterilised. Planned financial collapse, which you’d have to be blind not to expect. Then Government assistance with many conditions attached. Not saying that the Ukraine/Russia thing is fake, just that it has many purposes, not least, distraction, and the maintenance of fear levels amongst the hard of thinking.

  2. raymond says:

    A not unreasonable assessment, Ian .
    But don’t you think that Mr P and his room full of super computers have explored this and similar variations endlessly?
    And ultimately whether the US , EU and UK re-set or not is almost irrelevant.
    Because the more important 70% of the planet can now starve and over run them literally and metaphorically, and quite slowly if they wish to exert maximum pain and retribution.

  3. Mick says:

    I think Putin is another victim of the Great Reset plot and not a conspirator in it.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    I’m with raymond and Mick here Ian

    Davos/WEF is losing big style, they may be able to dominate the moribund Empire for now but they cannot dominate the rest anymore. They are showing increasing signs of abject desperation too, they have already lost the war in reality

    The “JoeBiden” cabal are Davos/WEF operators too and I’m reading interesting analysis that predicts that they are losing their grip over there. Even if they can fix the midterms like they fixed the last Presidential there is still a massive split in the US deep state. The EU is the main victim here. The Euro Central Bank is in a massive hole with no ladder out

    The rest of the world doesn’t care. No wonder

    • ian says:

      I do hope that you’re all correct, but the truth isn’t decided by a majority vote. Russia like the rest of us has a Rothschild central bank, and will do as it’s told. China too is very Zio orientated. Iran and North Korea, I think are the only two left outside of the bankers influence, or control. I suspect that there may be more objectives on the go here too, possibly try to drag Iran into the conflict.

      Having said all that, I may be wrong, and indeed hope that I am. I’d love all the great reset shit go tits up, but even a compromised version will be as bad as Orwell’s 1984.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        No it isn’t a vote Ian, our opinions don’t matter do they

        Point taken about the Russian and Chinese central banks too. ALL wars are bankers wars aren’t they

        There is clearly going to be a reset of some sort though, that is inevitable now isn’t it. The old system must be destroyed for the benefit of humanity

        But will it be the Davos totalitarian reset or something else? Given the rolling destruction of the EU/ECB/WEF/Davos power base then, I’d guess something else. We should know quite soon

        What a time to be alive! We truly are on the cusp of a new era. Pisces is moving into Aquarius too. And a human consciousness shift is in progress as well, the totalitarians are losing that battle for sure

        I’m optimistic that humanity will prevail but, then again I’m the optimistic type by nature. Fingers crossed!

      • ian says:

        Sorry Pete, i re-read my comment and it sounds a little off? I apologise if it came across that way, it wasn’t meant to. I hardly slept last night. To be honest Pete, I value a few contributors on here’s opinion more than my own, and Your’s is definitely amongst them. I just feel that what I said was how it’s working . As I said Pete, I desperately hope that you are correct and I’m wrong. I’m a glass quarter full person at the best of times, and I’m less optimistic than that just now. take care Pal.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        It didn’t sound off at all Ian. I very much respect your opinion and I enjoy these brief debates. It’s hard to interact at this level, most tune out

        You are a great contributor here I think Ian, please don’t sell yourself short, nobody else here does

        Look after yourself pal and please keep those comments coming

        Life is far too short to live it looking over your shoulder. I never do that anymore, that is like submitting to the bad guys in my mind, something that I will never do

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete, you’re a good Bloke.