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The event “Kids For Peace!” is aimed at drawing attention to the problems of young residents of Donbass, who were deprived of the right to a happy childhood due to the supply of weapons and equipment to Ukraine by NATO countries. The Congress will be held in the format of a media bridge between St. Petersburg and Lugansk on November 4 at 14:00 Moscow time.

A huge tragedy is happening in front of the whole world. It has been going on for 8 long years. Children of Donbass almost weekly become victims of a bloody massacre staged by cruel adults in expensive jackets and shoulder straps. Since February of this year, at least 300 minors have died on the territory of Donbass.

Katya Kutubayeva died in Donetsk after the shelling of the Church of St. Vladimir by Ukrainian troops in August this year. She was 12. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina. A month before, a Ukrainian rocket ended the life of Veronika Badina, who was playing in the courtyard of her house. She was only 10. On September 14, the Ukrainian military used American HIMARS rocket launchers to fire at a technical school and a hostel for orphans in Perevalsk near Lugansk. As a result of the shelling, six students aged 15 to 17 were injured.

The world’s media do not inform their viewers and readers about the Ukrainian shelling and its victims, do not publish photos of the consequences of these attacks and do not describe the circumstances of the deaths of dozens of little Donbass residents. They hide from people all over the world the truth that the Ukrainian military is firing and killing children with NATO weapons.

This has to stop as soon as possible!

The children of Donbass, together with the Foundation to Battle Injustice, will hold the First Children’s Congress “Kids For Peace!” in the mode of a media bridge between Lugansk and St. Petersburg. The event dedicated to the protection of children’s rights will be attended by well-known speakers and public figures who will make presentations and important messages on the relevant topic.

The Congress will be held on November 4 at 14:00 Moscow time. Address in St. Petersburg: 15 Zolnaya Street, address in Lugansk: 13 Kotsyubinsky street.

Anyone who is ready to take part in the Congress – write to the mailing address of the Foundation to Battle Injustice – .