The Escalation of Intolerance – UKColumn News – 31 Oct (extract)

– CNE: Patriarch Kirill of Moscow sees globalisation as a threat to the family and lambastes Western churches for capitulating their values
– Alexander Dugin speech echoes the Patriarch and names abortion and LGBT-pushing
– PayPal signally backtracks on $2,500 “fine” policy for infractions of wokery, as if it were a government—but retains the “fine” for undefined “obscenity”
– Police against Christianity: Met Police (London) apologises for arresting Hatun Tash twice | Background to Hatun Tash, Turkish Christian evangelist | Breitbart: Tash previously stabbed at Speakers’ Corner
– Daily Telegraph: Another case: evangelist Hazel Lewis, falsely accused of inciting violence, sues Met
– BBC: Yet another case also from London: black evangelist accused of racism by police
– Recent UK Column interview with Bristol pastor Dia Moodley: loss of freedom to speak about faith
– Local to UK Column: Schools transgender guidance by Intercom Trust—would the police follow up disagreements with this pseudo-law?

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