The DARPA Hydrogel

Todd Callender explaining what is in the DARPA hydrogel.

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3 Responses to “The DARPA Hydrogel”

  1. ian says:

    The possibilities are endless. I sometimes wonder if any of these videos are made by the agencies of government as disinfo. Resources are relatively unlimited, and it will confuse and in many cases discredit us in my case anyway, ordinary Joes. However, if the “vaccine contents, with or without the assistance of 5G can make you, as uncle Klaus says “happy”, then it’s not much of a step from that to dead. You could even have a random computer program killing at a specific pre ordained rate.

    As Danceaway said though very correctly. All we know is that the jabs are bad, and cause harm, and it was a deliberate act.

  2. ROTH says:

    I wonder the same thing ian, seems the only way to be sure is to avoid all medical interventions entirely, as best we can.

    That said, they’re probably targeting food as well.