Sunak Silent in Kiev, Ukraine Evacuates Kherson; Russian Deputy PM Hails Island of Stability

Another one of Alexander’s complex analytic programmes. in which he examines Sunak’s strange visit to Kiev, about which little has been reported, comments by Lloyd Austin in Halifax, by Medvedev and another high ranking Russian speaking about the Russian economy, and even Obama in 2016.

Russia is doing well economically and has the cooperation of China, India, Turkey, and Iran. Alexander tells the account of a French businessman who visited India and an Arab country, and could not believe it when  people said to him,”How did you get yourselves in this mess?”

Alexander sees the situation as one of a catastrophic failure of western policy making, and the west is now in a predictable trap. Zelensky is also in a trap, as discussed by Medvedev, so it is unlikely negotiations will take place unless the West sidelines the Ukraine government and negotiates directly with Russia.

It looks like a disaster for the West.

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