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Sunak doesn’t mention Ukrainian victory and looks for a just peace.

The appointment by Russia of Surovikhin as supreme commander in Ukraine  has turned expectations around in the West.  Talk of Ukrainian victory is heard less and less.  Sunak in Kiev talks of a just peace.

In Austria the Freedom Party is campaigning against sanctions and wants an end to the war, and is heading into the political lead.  East German protests against the war are growing.

In the UK the English Democrats are making slow but steady headway with non-main media anti-war campaigning.  The potential for a rapid growth in anti-war sentiment across the West is growing.

Peskov confirms that Russia is holding onto its original war aims – the deNazification of Ukraine.  His words might suggest the West is looking to end the Zelensky regime and replace it with a regime acceptable to Russia.

Serbia talks of militarily intervening in Kosovo to protect Serbs.