Struggling to Survive in a World of Unceasing Madness

1. If a baby is born with brain damage resulting from a medical error or accident or some kind then the resultant damages are likely to be north of £30 million. Not long ago a child who had ADHD which was made worse by a brain injury at birth, but which was misdiagnosed, was awarded that sum. (An expert agreed that the child would have probably had ADHD even without the brain injury at birth.) The record in the UK is, I think, £37 million in damages. But if a baby is severely brain damaged as a result of a vaccine (which may well have been given as a result of a compulsory or nigh on compulsory vaccination programme) then there is a limit of £120,000 to the damages which will be paid. And the recipient will lose any benefits to which they might have previously been entitled. If you can find the logic in that absurdity then I congratulate you. I cannot. The only explanation I can think of is that the Government (which is responsible for the payment of £120,000 since the drug companies cannot be sued) is frightened that if a million people sue then the total sum could well be considerably beyond the size of the Treasury’s purse.

2. We are constantly being encouraged to enter the `metaverse’, wherein we can exist as avatars and pay out good money for properties and goods which do not exist. The metaverse is, it seems to me, a direct route to the Great Reset and the new normal.

3. Civil servants (who are largely responsible for the mess we are in) want a massive pay rise. They also want job security (like the Japanese worker of a lifetime ago) and the right to be able to work from home when they feel like it and when there is something good on afternoon television. I expect they’d also like free ice creams and someone to come round and give them a massage at teatime. (Home working was one of the most stupid, destructive ideas ever mooted. It was guaranteed to wreck businesses and destroy economies.)

4. How exciting it must have been for the 40,000 self-indulgent, selfish cultists who flew to Egypt to talk about ways to stop the rest of us going anywhere except by bicycle. Many of them flew there by private jet. This jamboree for hypocrites does more for arousing scepticism towards the myth of climate change than almost anything. (The exception being the preening, self-absorbed lunatics who drive around the country closing roads and motorways to draw attention to themselves.) I wonder, incidentally, if as many people would attend the global warming love-ins if they were held in Port Talbot. All journalists, unquestioning venal fools that they are, have bought the climate change scam with the same blind enthusiasm with which they bought the covid fraud. Sacking older journalists and replacing them with ignorant, vapid millennials was a great move by the conspirators.

5. The Government’s plan to review or repeal all EU laws which still exist in the UK is in difficulty because the civil servants have discovered that instead of there being 2,400 useless EU laws there are 3,800. It seems that some massively overpaid civil servant miscounted and missed 1,400. Not that it matters. Sunak, the breaker of promises, seems about to abandon his promise to complete the exercise in 100 days. Is there any promise that Sunak hasn’t broken?

6. Entirely as predicted two and a half years ago, there is now an army of children needing psychological help. Consultants confirm that children were badly, and probably permanently, damaged by the lockdowns and the masks (let alone the bloody jabs). Most of the children who are damaged (and there are over 65,000 under 18s on waiting lists for specialist help) will never recover. They are incapable of forming proper relationships or interacting with other people. For the very young it was the masks which did most of the damage. It was known that they would. Those who promoted masks (and this includes senior doctors and brain washing experts) deserve to be locked up for life in a small room with Matt Hancock. Or covered in treacle and staked out on an ant hill if they prefer.

7. During Sunak’s absurd furlough scheme (aka `money for nothing’) many of those who were paid not to work found themselves other employment (e.g. as delivery drivers). They did very well financially and worked fewer hours than they would have done normally. It’s hardly surprising that they don’t want to go back to their old jobs. Financially, ‘long covid’ offers a much better alternative – and one with a long, secure future, too.

8. As most people know, Sunak was formerly an employee of Goldman Sachs (a big nasty bank which has all the charm of herpes). I wonder how many people know that Sunak has insisted that the tax surcharge on banks be cut from 8% to 3%. Just about everyone else will, of course, be paying more tax under Sunak.

9. The British have been warned that closing windows to save on heating costs could make people ill. The answer it seems is lots of open windows and nice cold fresh air. This should help kill off a few million pesky old people. My bet is that care homes will be forced to keep their windows open.

10. The Chancellor in the UK is using fiscal drag to damage small companies. He is keeping the VAT threshold at £85,000 for years to come. This will pull thousands of small businesses into the VAT net. It will have the effect of putting up many prices by 20%, submerging small companies in paperwork and destroying entrepreneurs struggling with hard times. The result, of course, will benefit big, international Great Reset companies.

11. Real estate companies are being impoverished by a piece of gobbledegook called the Energy Performance Certificate. Every commercial property will need to have one of these stupid certificates so that the climate cultists are happy. It will cost billions and put up rental prices and put many small businesses into bankruptcy. (It is because of this garbage that Marks and Spencer want to knock down its store in Oxford Street. Naturally, knocking down a building and putting up something new will do massive damage to the environment.) Why should you care what happens to property companies or property owners? Well, apart from the damage to the economy and pensions, it will destroy private property and small businesses and result in much unemployment. Oh, and the next step is to introduce a way of measuring the carbon cost of building property. Oh, and did I forget to mention that all this will soon happen to individuals, small landlords and home owners? Journalists, of course, are thrilled by it all. Just as they were devoted to the covid fraud so they are devoted to the climate change fraud and the associated chicanery. Everything is going to get worse before it gets even worse.

12. There is a feeling that inflation will soon peak and then go back down again. That’s rubbish I’m afraid. Energy costs are going to stay high because the supplies of oil and gas are diminishing (largely because big companies are prevented from exploring for new supplies). Britain imports oil and gas and is in a very poor position. The undeclared, designer war against Russia will keep costs high. (Without the war there would be very little financial hardship and fuel, heating and food would all be much cheaper. The war mongers campaigning for us to send more bombs and bullets to Ukraine are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths around the world and much misery in Britain.) Finally, China is no longer supplying the West with cheap goods. Inflation is going to stay high.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2022

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