Standstill Kherson. Fighting in Pavlivka. Xi Jinping to Meet MbS, Seal Deal on Saudi Arabia & BRICS

A complex analytical programme from Alexander. A lot hinges on the American election tomorrow, but regardless of the outcome, he thinks the focus of the US in 2023 is going to turn more toward domestic issues and away from Ukraine  – he explains his reasoning in detail. He explains how in the 1970’s the petro dolls agreement was reached with Saudi Arabia, and now we have Xi Jinping making a visit to Saudi Arabia, and a different reserve currency being discussed, with Saudi Arabia likely to join the BRICS. Everyone needs oil Alexander points out. The US may come to the realisation that with their intense focus on Ukraine they are losing the big picture. He thinks the US could be in political crisis; that Europeans do not understand how much domestic policies affect US politics. That even Sunak is reneging on financial support for Ukrainians in the UK. All a very interesting perspective.