Siding with the enemy: the GMC in disgrace. War on humanity update.


Intro by Steve Cook

I recall watching Dr Muhammad Adil’s video early in the Covid psyop when the government propaganda machine was on full throttle in its efforts to terrorise and cow the nation.

Few doctors were brave enough to speak out in defence of medial ethics and the interests of their patients and I remember thinking that Dr Muhammad Adil was a very brave man indeed to risk his livelihood and career to put himself in the firing line the way he did.

It takes massive integrity to do something like that. In my view, he is certainly one of the heroes of this war between humanity and its would-be oppressors.

It was predictable that the covert subversives who have infiltrated the GMC [the UK’s general Medical Council] or are dancing on the strings of its puppet masters were going to “get” Dr Adil.

And sure enough they did, in moves bereft of conscience, morals or justice they set out to ruin him for the “crime” of loyalty to is calling and his Oath.

The GMC’s behaviour towards Dr Adil and doctors like him has been a disgrace, its conduct so appalling as to scream for thorough reform and overhaul of this Council, and the identifying and removal of corrupt elements from it.

The ensuing two years have of course proven Dr Adil and the other honourable corps of brave doctors who spoke out thoroughly correct but, predictably, there has been no move by the GMC to correct the injustice it perpetrated.

Throughout this Covid psyop and the mass Poisoning Event it was designed to trigger, the powers-that-be in the media, medicine, the government and their globalist masters have shown themselves to be without conscience, with not the slightest remorse for the people they have harmed or killed to ameliorate the blackness of their blackened souls.

Here is Dr Adil’s first-hand account of what he had to endure at the hands of this degraded group.

The GMC’S effort to “get” a doctor for following his conscience

Dr Mohammad Adil’s first-hand account

I believe I had not done anything wrong in expressing my view point of novel SAR -COV 2 Virus in early 2020 . . . I contributed my best abilities , knowledge and experience for the welfare of my patients in order to perform my duties as a health professional . I have been working for the NHS in the U.K. for the last 30 years with an unblemished medical record .

During Covid pandemic I acted in accordance with medical ethics and carried out my duties as a health professional in order to safeguard my patients.

I was concerned about closure of the hospital doors for my patients as a result of lockdown on 23/03/2022 while working as a Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon in North Manchester General Hospital . I was concerned about thousands of my patients missing their opportunities for having their investigations and treatment especially the colonic & breast cancer patients under my care.

Millions of patients especially cancer patients lost their opportunity for their investigations & treatment in the U.K. with 2000 trials abandoned in the U.K. after lockdown on 23/03/2020 . Scientific evidence proved that detection of the early cancers always shows better outcomes .

Unfortunately early cancers became advanced , metastatic and untreatable as a result of extraordinary restrictions on public .

Moreover hundreds of thousands of elderly patients were transferred to the nursing and care homes in a rush without testing and unfortunately they died in the nursing and care homes due to fear, lack of medical facilities and dehydration .

Many thousand patients died in their own homes due to  depression,  health conditions, heart attacks, pneumonia, strokes, cancers , fear and other medical conditions.

The suicide rate among youngsters shot sky high due to depression, loss of jobs, financial hardship as a result of the lockdown .

These precious lives could have been saved in hospital environment under expert care. But unfortunately there has not been any Robust Scientific Debate between Health Professionals, Clinicians, Medical agencies, the medical establishment and politicians to make a proper strategic plans to curb, prevent spread of the corona virus infection to save lives.

Total reliance was made on the PCR test with high false positive and false negative results. Now it has been abandoned.

By the end of year 2020 , unlicensed, experimental, un trialed vaccines were rolled out in collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies with full indemnity for serious life threatening side effects , vaccine injuries and deaths which we have noticed after 2 years down the line .

In March – April 2020 , while working in NMGH , I initiated a scientific debate over the social media and released couple of my videos which were appreciated by many thousands of people across the world .

Unfortunately I was targeted by the NMGH Trust and got dismissed on 22/4/2020 by order of the medical director, Jonathan Moise , without warning, advice, charge sheet and without following disciplinary procedures.

I was treated the same way in the North United Lincolnshire Trust on 07/05/2020’ and got dismissed by order of Dr Neil Hepburn the medical director of the trust on the basis of my same video over the media . I had no clinical, patient related issue, ethical , social , probity or health related issue whatsoever in both trusts.

After a few days I was summoned by the GMC to appear in the IOT hearing on 01/06/2020 which I did in a short notice without legal advisor. Unfortunately I was suspended by the IOT of the GMC on 01/06/2020 for 12 months in a brief hearing over the Skype . It was alleged hat there had been 3 online complaints by the members of the public for my view points of Covid -19 which GMC never disclosed .

My suspension order was further extended for another 12 months on 26/5/2021 and Mr Oliver Lloyd assistant registrar refeed me to the MPTS without any justification after 12 months (could be done earlier) from 13/6/2022 until 01/07/2022) . During the hearing process the chairman Mr Damien Cooper a pharmacist affiliated with multiple pharmaceutical companies extended my suspension order for another 6 months during MPTS hearing from 13/6/2022 until 01/7/2022 without any evidence, witness or proof to prove the allegations.

The question arises that Doctors are accountable to the General Medical Council but to whom is the GMC accountable to?

I think we should all be told.

Provided, of course, there is anyone left in the Establishment still capable of honesty.

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil


General , Colorecal & Breast Surgeon

Siding with the enemy: the GMC in disgrace. War on humanity update.