Sergey Lavrov Interview for Film on Extremism in Europe – November 2022 – English Subtitles

Moscow, November 26, 2022 #sergeylavrov #ukrainewar #russianukrainianwar #nazism #politicalscience #russiaukrainewar #russiaukraineconflict

 00:00– Question 1: We see that over the years of Ukraine’s independence, they have nurtured a huge number of Nazi organizations and supported them at the state level. Why did this become possible in a country called European? How did it happen? Is there an influence of external forces in this?

09:36– Question 2: Ukrainian leaders are united by the belief that it cannot have a common future with Russia. What consequences can work aimed at destroying the common past and common history have?

14:44 – Question 3: There is a feeling that the regime in power is cultivating new Ukrainian “patriots”. Europe now supports it. Isn’t she really afraid that all people charged with hatred, aggression, and now also Western weapons, using the same visa-free regime, can end up with this attitude in Europe?

22:12 – Question 4: We live in an interesting era when the media is a dangerous weapon. In your opinion, what is the role of the media and mass media in the processes of revival, rise and flourishing of Nazism in modern Ukraine?

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