Sent by Aldous – Cowes Refinery in Flames

Fawley Refinery ‘operational incident’ as large flares spotted across the Solent

Fawley Refinery 'operational matter' <i>(Image: Solent Ships)</i>
Fawley Refinery ‘operational matter’ (Image: Solent Ships)

LARGE flares can be seen across the Solent at Fawley this evening (Tuesday, October 8), following an incident at the refinery.

See photos above

ExxonMobil, who runs the site, says it is dealing with an ‘operational matter onsite’.

Teams have responded and are working to address the situation.

Residents in East Cowes and Cowes are heading to the coast to see the flares, and the fires can be seen as far inland as Newport.

An ExxonMobil spokesperson said: As our teams continue to address the operational incident, our flares are currently operational and will be visible to the community.

“This is part of our normal safety procedures.

“Please continue to monitor our account for further updates. We apologise for any disturbance.”



4 Responses to “Sent by Aldous – Cowes Refinery in Flames”

  1. newensign says:

    No accident I think Danceaway!

  2. danceaway says:

    I agree! I was tempted to put Aldous’ comment in the headline title but restrained myself!

  3. Deepseaninja says:

    Funny. That’s how refineries and rigs normally look when in production. It doesn’t seem as if there has been an ‘explosion’ or stuxnet attack……..

  4. ian says:

    The flares are designed to ignite and burn any gas in the atmosphere. The idea is to prevent a build up of gas from exploding. You see them on oil rigs too.

    I’m not suggesting though that there isn’t an issue, deliberately or accidentally caused.