Scott Ritter Interview with Chechen Spetsnaz/ Concurrent translation

Mr Alaudinov is extremely eloquent when he speaks Russian, lots have been lost in translation unfortunately, but nevertheless thank you for inviting the great Chechen warrior to the show!
Absolutely incredible you had THE Chechen commander on live! Amazing how the Western narrative is shattered when you hear how well spoken the Chechens are. They live by faith and an ethical code.
As a European living in North Africa I’m once again embarrassed by the ability of Islamic folks to so effortlessly differentiate between the guilt of our western governments and the propogandized, overworked and poorly educated average citizen. I’ve seen people do that in Asia as well. Meanwhile we get people who vandalize Russian restaurants, beat up anyone who sounds Russian in bars, and our governments demand that Russian tennis players renounce Putin. I know the kind of ugly looks that Norwegians would be giving any unfortunate Russians living in Norway now, and tbh they were never very warmly received to begin with. Thank God I’m here with Muslims and have a Russian acquaintance in town l can occasionally have a few beers with. My native Europe is simply too smug and vulgar for me any more. Hell, l used to even think the EU was working towards peace and prosperity at one time. Ridiculous.
This was incredible. A real eye-opener. Now I want to watch some youtube channels about the history and culture and spirituality of Chechnya.You are a warrior AND a man of peace, Scott. Thank you.
Is there a stronger superlative than “EXCELLENT” to describe this (and every other) interview!!! If there is, somebody please tell us!! This one interview alone would change hearts and minds of millions of duped Ukrainian sympathizers, here in the states and Europe. THANK YOU Scott
Amazing hero and commander, they never retreat says it all! I had chills listening to this man of God!

On episode 14 of the show we are joined by Apti Alaudinov, Russian statesman and military leader, commander of the «Akhmat» spetsnaz. Former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, Major-General of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Acting deputy commander of the Second Army Corps of the People’s Militia of Luhansk People’s Republic. Hero of the Russian Federation and hero of the Lugansk People’s Republic.