Russian Drone, Artillery & Electronic Warfare Destroy Ukraine Positions in Kharkiv – Patrick Lancaster

45,165 views • 3 Nov 2022

In This Special Report We Go Past The Ukraine – Russia War Frontline deep Into the Kharkov region of Ukraine’s “GREY ZONE” and film the whole process of Russia Forces destroying Ukrainian military positions with Drone, Artillery & Electronic Warfare. With so much news happening around Ukraine we show you what is happening in Ukraine on the Russian military positions. We let others tell you about things like Russia leaving then Rejoining the U.N., Turkey, Ukraine Grain Deal to Ship Ukraine Grain Exports, whether or not it has been Discussed to use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine and whether or not the situation in Kherson ‘Too loud to be true’ for Ukraine or Is Russia setting a trap in Kherson.

One important question to ask is will the Ukraine War End With Negotiations or the capture of Kiev by Russian forces. Putin has time and again said he is up for Negotiations but Zelensky refuses, but amazingly if you watch the western main stream media they flat out lie saying that it is Putin who will not negotiate. I am once again showing you a exclusive special inside look into Russian forces military actions in Kharkov Ukraine that you will not see ANYWHERE else and of course I have added full English and Russian translations as always.

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