Russia takes Pavlovka. Elensky interview on CNN, in Kiev. Kherson timing, freezing the conflict. U/1

Timing is everything; Head of CNN international reporting in Kiev, scripted, practiced interview with Zelensky, mid-terms, introduction of term “Ukraine fatigue”; did everyone know Russia was going to leave Kherson? Did the Russians tell them? Hard to regain that territory?

Col Macgregor  and Brian Berletic, both military people, contend that people and supplies are more important to conserve; that territory can be retaken, that this is a war of attrition, which the west is not familiar with. .

Could Russia freeze the conflict? This is  a forte of Putin’s, did it in Syria and Georgia. Could it be that Russia will fight the economic war more than the military war?  Let Ukraine and the EU collapse? EU making 18 million loan to Ukraine. Repayment from collapsing economy? ( Reference article posted above this re the collective west losing to Eurasia?)

Parody accounts being set up on twitter – George W Bush and Tony Blair; exposing their crimes this way.

Bush planning to interview Zelensky.

Biden – nothing will change; Alex expects that the new Republican House members will be put in their place. No change expected.

Xi Jinping WILL be at the G20; meeting with Biden may be arranged.

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