Russia overcoming difficulties

Frontline summary on November 21:

The news from the front is quite stingy, but among them today there is information about the new successes of our army, which cannot but please. At the same time, there are rumors from Zelensky’s office that Zaluzhny reported to Zelensky about the difficulties on the eastern front. Weather conditions do not allow organizing a counteroffensive using the tactics of lightning strikes and encirclement of the enemy. According to their version, the pause may last for 3-4 weeks, until stable frosts. It seems to me that the matter is not so much in the mud, as in the lack of sufficient forces for the APU to attack with competent attacks and confident defense of our army.

DNR. We are advancing. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation entered Marinka, city battles are underway.

Also, Russian units are conducting assault operations in the areas of the localities of Belogorovka, Disputable, Yakovlevka, Bakhmutskoye, Artemovsk, Opytne and Kleshcheyevka.

LNR. Protecting the borders. The Russian army repelled the APU’s attempts to attack in the direction of the localities of Kuzemovka, Golikovo and Chervonopopovka.

Zaporozhye. Positional artillery battles of low intensity are taking place on this sector of the front. The AFU continues to accumulate forces and conduct combat coordination of new units, obviously working out options for breaking through the Zaporozhye front. Our artillery regularly hits the places where Ukrainian militants gather.

In the Kherson region, a special group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to cross to the left bank of the Dnieper, were defeated by ours. Why they popped in is unclear.

Belgorod region strengthens the line of defense on the border with Ukraine due to the tense situation in the region. The APU shot Energodar, Donetsk districts, Makeyevka and Yasinovataya. At night, the APU struck an oil depot in Makeyevka, two fuel tanks burned down there.

Our own destroyed a warehouse of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Kramatorsk.

The US State Department has released summary data on military assistance to Ukraine from the United States. Impressive. Since the end of February, 88 thousand tons of weapons and military equipment have been sent to Ukraine for a total of $ 21.5 billion. Imagine, heavy military and civilian transport planes made 878 flights to Europe. 48 ships and 4,000 trailers also carried weapons.

The American The New York Times has checked the video of the shooting of Russian prisoners in Makeyevka, and writes that “the authenticity of the video has been verified by The New York Times, they demonstrate a terrifying moment of the conflict.” “It looks like most of them were shot in the head,” said Dr. Rohini Haar, medical adviser to Doctors for Human Rights. Dr. Haar noted that the Russian military lay without weapons, with their arms outstretched or behind their heads: “They are considered hors de combat or non-combatants – in fact prisoners of war.”

The British edition of Express reports that if Russia decides to “turn off the tap” and stops supplying nuclear fuel, electricity prices in Europe will surely set new records. Russia controls about 42% of the global nuclear fuel market, and the EU depends on Russian uranium supplies for about 20%.

I read a positive: 200 out of 300 thousand mobilized are now being trained at the training grounds. And representatives of the defense industry report that they have not seen such production rates in 35 years of work experience. And they demand more and more from them. Yes, Russia has had and still has serious difficulties, but we are overcoming them.

Oleg Tsarev via