Russia Complains of PoW Murders, Captures Opytnoe, Strikes Ukraine Gas Facilities

Alexander explains the Soviet origin of much of Ukraine’s heavy industry;Russia appears to now be striking the companies which make gas turbines.

All the talk of diplomacy has gone quiet again. The only people who regularly talk are Putin and Erdogan. They find each other difficult, they quarrel and argue, but they go on talking; not about Ukraine, but economic issues which affect them both. Erdogan is benefitting from the grain deal; seems to have helped get Russian fertiliser and grain released from European ports which were holding it even though its release was part of the grain deal, which has been renewed. Alexander goes on to suggest that Erdogan is very very gradually being weaned away from the West, which has been a result of the Ukraine war, not something which Alexander himself foresaw. The West with its clumsy, belligerent, dictatorial ways  is likely to be furious if this is the outcome.




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