Russia Build-up Continues, Sullivan Flies to Kiev Urges Kherson Offensive, Change in Ukraine Stance

Alexander speaking from the southwest of England.

Alexander goes deeply into the topics discussed by Alex yesterday; what were the real reason that Sullivan suddenly turned up in Kiev?

He calls it a twin track strategy-egging Ukraine to attack Kherson but at the same time trying to convince Z to express a willingness to negotiate with Russia, for the US, after the UNSecurity Council vote in which many non-aligned countries abstained ( bio-lab investigation request ), and the Opec recent decisions, can sense a lessening of its grip on world opinion and the non-aligned countries willingness to toe the line. Alexander says, when has the US been so concerned about other countries opinions that it changed its policies?

Is the real reason the complicated political situation in the US ( which he goes into in great detail), the deteriorating military and economic situation in Ukraine ( depleting of US arsenals, potential catastrophic migration flow into Europe.) Could it be that the US wishes to moderate the sense of crisis and give itself some breathing room? The neo-cons have a lock grip and rely on funding from various companies profiting from this war.

Alexander thinks it is a trap; it is too complicated, and will all end in tears.