Russia ‘Advances’ Mariinka, No Russian Kherson Retreat; Ukraine Calls Up 100K More Troops, Confirming Heavy Troop Losses

Today’s  video is primarily about the military situation in Ukraine; full of detail and quirky bits that only Alexander seems to provide. Re Kherson, the Russians are removing many of the monuments. Alexander thinks the most plausible reason is to protect them.  The Russian have also moved their military and civilian HQ out of Kherson to a town on the Azov, out of range of Ukrainian shelling. The consequent removal of the Russian flag from this building has caused rumours and consternation on all sides, as they were unsure of the reason. Did it mean a retreat? At the moment it does not appear so.

The soft ground is slowing things down for both sides. The battle for Bakmut, which is a back and forth one, seems to be becoming the most similar to the Battle of Stalingrad, although with greatly fewer numbers.It seems to be the lynchpin of the Ukrainian defence forces in Donbass. It may be that the Donbas Militia has managed to break through the Ukrainian defences in Mariinka, which is a major source of the shelling of Donetsk City ( Alexander quotes Patrick Lancaster but confuses him with Patrick Lawrence ).

One of the key outcomes of this war is the way in which air defences are proving more critical than air superiority.

Alexander finishes discussing the grain deal and the unlikely claims being made by western MSM regarding Erdogan and Putin, and again describes the unique relationship they have; he  compares them to a quarrelling couple……..who don’t appreciate it when a third party tries to get involved…..


2 Responses to “Russia ‘Advances’ Mariinka, No Russian Kherson Retreat; Ukraine Calls Up 100K More Troops, Confirming Heavy Troop Losses”

  1. Tapestry says:

    AM seems a little on the optimistic side when reporting Russian military actions. Khodakovsky a brilliant general talks of there being too many lies – unwillingness to report setbacks higher up the hierarchy on the Russian side (clearly similar on Ukrainian/NATO). Especially attacking and capturing entrenched areas without enough troops to secure the flanks, for example so the gains are immediately lost once made, and the losses are horrific. The Russians don’t always make perfect military decisions. No commentators like to estimate casualties. Ukraine’s lost 100,000 killed in eight months and maybe 300,000 wounded. Russia lost maybe one fifth of that. Getting the right generals in control of the battles seems to be always a problem in all sides in all wars. Politicians like politically astute generals. Soldiers like generals that win battles without taking unnecessary casualties. Rarely the two qualities can be found in the same individual.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Wise words

      Those losses are catastrophic for Ukraine and very very unpleasant, but far more sustainable, for Russia

      The west does seem happy to fight to the last Ukrainian. How satanic is that