Russia Advances in Vuhledar, Donetsk, Repels Ukraine in Donbass; War to Continue in Winter

Alexander focuses considerably on recent communications. There is a readout from Russia of a conversation between Erdogan and Putin, but there is no mention of negotiations. There was apparently another conversation between them for which no readout was given.

He then spends time on an article in the English language Chinese paper which is essentially the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, in which they discuss the response of the West to the missile in Poland, and what seems to be their opinion that Ukraine fatigue is setting in in the West, even in the UK, with quotes from the BBC.

Alexander also discusses a recent meeting of the Russian Security Council chaired by Putin, on civil defence, focusing on who attended and their responsibilities.( Medvedev, Shoigu, Lavrov, to name just a few )

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