Russia Advances in Marinka, Vuhledar, Ukraine Struggles in Kherson; Europe Braces for Refugees Flood

Another comprehensive analysis by Alexander; Russian forces, now largely Russian, are slowly and steadily reaching the point at which the objective of the military operation, to free Donbass, will be achieved. This will free resources for other objectives, most of which will probably not be as difficult as Donbass has been as the Ukrainians are not as heavily entrenched.

Zaporozhye is reported to have lost nearly half of its 700,000 population. Ukraine continues to accuse Russia of shelling the ZNPP, which Russia controls while Russia is NOT attacking the three nuclear power plants which Ukraine controls. Kherson City is not exactly a trap for Ukraine as has been suggested, but it is not proving to be easy to control, either, and is under constant attack from the Russian artillery from across the river.

Russia seems to be slowly degrading the energy infrastructure. Ukraine is suggesting civilians leave such cities as Kiev  if possible due to foreseen difficulties in coming months. The resultant refugee flow to Europe is predicted to be enormous.

A retired Indian military officer who frequently corresponds with Alexander has suggested that this war has shown that the era of war largely fought by manned aircraft is coming to an end, as they are being replaced by missiles and drones. This puts the US at considerable disadvantage, as they have not been developing in this direction.