Rothschild Dynasty – Rare 1967 recording – The Illuminati 1760 NWO plan

They — (the Masterminds behind the Curtain) had complete control of all of our Mass Communications Media — Radio, TV, Media, Press and Hollywood. This was back in 1967, so a LOT of Mind Conditioning via the Propaganda has occurred the last 55 plus years.

Our Gov tells us what THEY WANT us to Believe, not the Truth. The Objective is to BRAINWASH the people to accepting their Narratives as Truths.

The Main Goal of the United Nations is to Destroy the Sovereignty of the United States and to enslave American’s within the UN One World Order Dictatorship.

The ones we elected — “selected” to safeguard our nation and constitution are betraying Puppets serving a small group of Masters – who has the Objective to Enslave ALL of Humanity in their SATANIC Plot of One World Government.

The world Liberal is a Coverup for their activities.

This Satanic Plot to have a One World Order was launched back in the 1960’s when it first came into existence under the name of the Illuminati. The Illuminati was organized by Adam Weishaupt – born a Jew but became a Catholic Priest – he defected with the Financing of the House of Rothschild to form the Illuminati.

EVERY war since has been promoted by the Illuminati operating under various names and guises.
The Illuminati set up the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the United States – this is the Illuminati. Most of the members have changed their names to American sounding names.

There are divisions like the CFR in most Countries.

Adam Weishaupt said the word Illuminati was derived from Lucifer and means Holders of the Light.

Albert Pike took the reigns in 1834.

Then Jacob Schiff – born in a Rothschild house in Germany – he was sent to the USA to buy into a banking house which was to be a springboard to acquire control of the Money System of the United States.

Jacob Schiff came to USA with 4 Goals:
1. Acquire Control of the Money System
2. Find men who could be Easily Bought “Bribed” to serve as Stooges for the Great Conspiracy to work in the Highest Government Positions of Leadership – the Congress, Senate, House, Presidents, Federal Agencies and Supreme Court
3. Create Minority Group Strife all across the Nation

They lie and say the One World Order is to prevent wars on Earth and they sell it with sayings like “Peace on Earth” when in fact the objective is to have complete control over every human on the planet.

Since they have had complete control of the Media both domestically and internationally, they have used this to brainwash the masses into believing the One World Government is the ONLY Solution to solve all problems. In the next few years expect a LOT of problems to come up – even possibly some Nuclear Bombs in selected areas to help bring in this New World Totalitarian Order around the year 2025. I could be wrong on this year as they have formed a One World Religion first and NOT Christianity, but a disguised Satanism. They believe the manifestation of Lucifer will occur.