2 Responses to “RAF Lakenheath. Holly and Jessica.”

  1. Belyi says:

    I have read this before and I remember Ian and Martine every evening in my ‘prayers’ (which consist of sending white light to the people on my list).

    It isn’t only abroad that the US military commit crimes; when I was staying with a friend, an officer in the USAF in Plattsburg, NY, she was called out one Sunday evening for one of the men under her command who had committed some sex crime, although after so many years I can’t remember what.

    I haven’t forgotten either, the horrendous crime three British soldiers committed in Cyprus when they saw a girl they fancied (with whom they’d have had no chance seeing how ugly and depraved they were), followed her as she sat on the back of her boyfriend’s motor bike, attacked her with a shovel, raped and murdered her. I seem to remember that their punishment was far too light for their horrific crime. The girl’s name was Louise Jensen. We do well to remember it.

    • ian says:

      Yes Belyi, one of the most disturbing cases I knew of. The even publicly said that Ian Huntly was a convicted pedophile. They failed to mention that he was 17, and his girlfriend was 15, and that they were in her words madly in love at the time. Though technically illegal, hardly a heinous crime.